How to learn to understand animals

How to learn to understand animals

Over time begins to seem to the owner of any pet that his dog, the cat or a hamster incredibly clever, understand the human speech and even try to answer in own way something to the favourite owner. And as would be great to learn language of animals and to be able to talk to a pet.


1. Unfortunately, wonderful drinks, having drunk which, it is possible to begin to understand language of birds and animals and to distinguish words in a foliage rustle, occur only in fairy tales. But in real life the attentive owner of an animal can understand on behavior of the pet what that wants to tell.

2. One of the most important bodies of an animal by means of whom it can communicate with the person is a tail. All know that when the dog without restraint twists a tail extensively, she feels joy, and each owner, coming home, saw more than once how his faithful dog sits under a door, wagging a tail. At cats of swish mean completely different. So, if the cat wags a tail, so she something is angry, something angers her and, quite perhaps, she will rush on the offender now. If only the tail tip twitches – at a cat playful mood, something caused her curiosity. If she also rushes to this moment, then only to deal with a candy wrapper from candy or your slippers.

3. A lot of things can be understood on bark of a dog. The person who supports a dog not the first month and himself will notice as far as bark of a dog differs when the garden is hung around by foreign people when to a porch threw a blind kitten and when in the neighbourhood the rack of stray dogs appeared. Subsequently to you will be to hear enough bark of your dog to understand what occurs at you in the yard.

4. Undoubtedly, your pet has habits which are inherent only in him. Observe it several days, and you without effort learn to understand when your small animal wants to eat when to play and when something hurts it. Moreover, enticing you in the morning on kitchen, your cat or a dog will be surprised to your slowness if you do not understand at once that it wants from you.

5. Talk to owners of the same parrots, small fishes or Pomeranian spitz-dogs, as at you more often. Owners with pleasure will tell you as they communicate with the favourites that will help and to you with your pet it is better to understand each other and without any magic potions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team