How to bring up krolchat

How to bring up krolchat

Very often mother doe-rabbit refuses to raise the krolchat or dies after the delivery. Owners should raise a krolchonka independently that quite often leads to a lethal outcome. Maternal milk of a doe-rabbit cannot almost be replaced with something. Rabbit milk, unlike milk of other animals, contains a large amount of fats and proteins.

It is required to you

  • - Pipette,
  • - bubble (or insulin syringe),
  • - milk substitute for puppies (is on sale in pet-shop).


1. The most suitable milk dogs will be suitable for feeding krolchat. But it will be quite difficult to get it. It is necessary to buy substitute of suchy milk (dry mix) in pet-shop.

2. To part milk according to the instruction and to warm up up to the temperature of 36 degrees. It is obligatory to try temperature, having dripped a little prepared mix on an elbow bend.

3. To gather mix in the pipette or the small insulin syringe (it is obligatory to remove a needle). Very well the bubble from naftizinovy drops will approach, to put on the pipette the end of a bubble. To make several small holes in the pipette (not big, the krolchonok can choke).

4. When feeding a krolchonka it is necessary to hold vertically. To feed tiresomely extremely carefully that mix did not get to a nose. And also to watch that the krolchonok managed to swallow and did not choke.

5. It is necessary to feed krolchat at first 2-3 times a day. Further to pass to one feeding.

6. Degree of satiety can be determined by a tummy of the kid. If the krolchonok is full, his tummy will be rather hard and without folds.

7. If your acquaintances have a feeding cat, try to apply to her a krolchonka. Very often cats accept and raise krolchat. When feeding krolchat there can be a serious problem – not digestibility of milk, in this case the rabbit can die.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team