How to choose a beautiful and clever dog of average breeds

How to choose a beautiful and clever dog of average breeds

Old as the world, the proverb, says that tastes differ. Therefore to define what dog is the most beautiful, each person can only proceeding from personal preferences. And in researches of intelligence of dogs it is possible to call certain regularities.

The cleverest dogs of average breeds

The rating of the cleverest breeds of dog is presented in the book by the Canadian professor of psychology The Intelligence of Dogs. The author was the intelligence of obedience of dogs defining their ability to implementation of commands its basis.

Dogs of ten breeds (including three average breeds) showed excellent abilities to training. They can understand new team which was repeated by less than 5 times, and in 95% of cases executed the command from the first.

The list of the cleverest dogs heads a Border Collie. Representatives of this breed of the average size, are harmoniously put, have a strong skeleton and strong muscles. The corps of a Border Collie are a little extended, a breast wide and deep. The head of a dog wide, it well expressed transition from a forehead to a muzzle. Ears at dogs of this breed semi-trailing, the tail is low put, average length. The direct wool, adjacent, demanding regular comb-out. Various color, but is the most widespread white color of wool – gray with white marks. Ancestors of this breed were shepherd's dogs. Today the Border Collie - a clever and simple dog in leaving who perfectly performs not only sentry functions but also can become the faithful partner for the owner. He also well gets on with children. Life in the city these dogs not to taste, for them need a scope and frequent walks during which the Border Collie can freely run about. Excellent abilities to training were shown by the following group of dogs which representatives needed from 5 to 15 repetitions for execution of team, and from the first the task was performed by 85 dogs from hundred. Average breeds in group were presented by such dogs as a Welsh Corgi (cardigan), the Irish water spaniel, an American cocker spaniel, a mittelschnauzer, the English cocker spaniel, a collie long-haired, kurtskhaar, to a collie short-haired, keeskhond, the Belgian sheep-dog (tervyuren) and the English springer spaniel.

Councils for the choice of a dog

It is necessary to buy a thoroughbred puppy only from professional manufacturers. They will provide to you not only exhaustive information on breed and features of care for it, but also will tell about character and health of his parents. It will secure you against unpleasant surprises in the future. Choosing a dog, consider a ratio of vigor of breed and your opportunities for active walks with it. Representatives of some breeds will not be able just to live in the small apartment and will give you more inconvenience, than pleasures. Besides, be ready to thorough cleaning of carpets and furniture if your choice fell on breed with soft and long wool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team