How to choose a name to a puppy

How to choose a name to a puppy

Often problems of young manufacturers and young parents are very similar. Sometimes the problem of the choice of a name for just acquired puppy rises rather sharply. The name has to reflect not only character and temperament of the favourite, but also to be according to standards of breed.

It is required to you

  • - genealogical documents;
  • - specialized film logical literature


1. The name of a dog, as well as a name of the person, has to reflect mentality and features of nature of a single individual. Therefore at selection of a name for the pet you remember that it can influence as perception of your favourite by surrounding people, and on his subsequent destiny in general.

2. Attentively examine a dog. Pay attention to whether there are no special signs on her, estimate distinctive features of her appearance, a habit, temperament. Try to track her behavior whether she frolics days without a break, or prefers to watch quietly the events around. Proceeding from it, it is possible to pick up a name which would fully reflect identity of a puppy.

3. When choosing a name it is important that it was suitable both for a puppy, and for an adult dog which your favourite will be in several years. Also pay attention to breed – for foreign breeds, such as sheep-dog, setter, riesenschnauzer, foreign nicknames quite will approach.

4. Choosing a nickname, pay attention to that the puppy easily remembered it. Scientists proved that it is the best of all for dogs "names from two syllables are engraved in the memory". Also the nickname has to differ on sounding from standard film logical teams – "faugh", "to sit", "place". Otherwise the puppy in them will be confused. It is the best of all if in a name of the pet is a lot of hissing and whistling – these sounds are well perceived by dogs.

5. If the puppy has club origin, then his previous owners most likely will state a wish that its nickname began on the certain letter connected with sequence of a dung. However, at all do not call a puppy by the name of the dead of an animal – the probability that subsequently the dog can repeat his destiny is high.

6. If as a result of thought did not lead to anything, it is possible to use search of names on the special film logical websites, or to resort to special film logical literature. Thanks to it it is possible to facilitate significantly the work and to pick up such nickname which will arrange as you, and your pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team