How to clean to dogs ears

How to clean to dogs ears

In auricles of a dog pollution, skin fat and other allocations from ear pass accumulate. The correct and regular cleaning will preserve your favourite against otitis and an ear tick. It is necessary to perform inspection and cleaning of ears of a dog weekly. And in case of detection of any suspicious symptoms and allocations immediately to ask for the help the veterinarian.

It is required to you

  • - Q-tips
  • - lotion or camphor oil


1. Dig several drops of ear lotion in acoustical pass of a dog. It will soften pollution and they will be simpler to be removed. You can use peroxide of hydrogen or camphor oil, but get special means in pet-shop or veterinary pharmacy better. After you dug drops massage an ear of a dog. Usually if disturbs nothing a dog, holding such procedure pleases her.

2. Take a stick with a large amount of cotton wool (nursery) or a match wound by cotton wool. Clean acoustical pass by a cotton tampon. Be not afraid to injure an eardrum. The structure of an ear of a dog has the-shaped form, and you will not be able just to reach a membrane. If many ear deposits accumulated, repeat the procedure in 1-2 days.

3. If during cleaning you found rigid crusts in an ear cavity, it is possible that at a dog an ear tick. For treatment use special drops. They not only eliminate a tick, but also possess antimicrobial action.

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