How to cure ears at a cat

How to cure ears at a cat

Ears at cats - rather weak spot. Often owners should face that their favourite begins to shake the head and to comb auricles. Sometimes there are allocations and an unpleasant smell, and the inside of ears reddens and swells up. It is necessary to know that attempts of independent treatment can lead to deterioration in a condition of an animal.


1. Before to begin treatment animal, it is necessary to define the reason for which at a cat ears ached. Incorrectly picked up medicines can worsen a situation and lead to full loss of hearing and even to violations of work of a brain of an animal. The correct treatment can establish the exact diagnosis and appoint only the veterinarian.

2. Perhaps, infection with the sarkoptoidny flare living in acoustical pass and feeding on epidermis is the most common cause of a disease of ears of cats. Otodekoz - ear itch - is followed by a severe itch and emergence of the dark brown allocations having an unpleasant smell. To facilitate a condition of an animal it is recommended to dig in auricles on 2-3 drops of warm olive or sunflower oil. Buy special medicines in veterinary pharmacy. Drops Dekta, Otibiovin, Amit, the Leopard, Tsipam will approach. Accurately clean ears of an animal Q-tips, previously having moistened them in hydrogen peroxide. Dig ear drops according to the instruction.

3. Other widespread disease affecting cats is otitis - inflammation of internal, average or external departments of acoustical pass. Inflammation of external department is connected, usually, with an undertreated otodekoz. Cold water, a sulfuric stopper or the foreign subject which got into an ear of an animal can be other causes of a disease. Inflammations of an inner and middle ear are connected, as a rule, with staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. For treatment of otitis appoint cleaning of acoustical pass by physiological solution, special drops, and if necessary, a course of antibiotics or surgical treatment. It is necessary to know that at otitises it is forbidden to clean ears of an animal Q-tips - it can lead to deterioration in a condition of a cat. It is possible to apply special anti-inflammatory drops to treatment of otitis. For example, Otoferonol, Anandin, Serko. Before application it is necessary to study the instruction attentively.

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