How to deliver a dog

How to deliver a dog

In your family the disturbing event is expected - the favourite dog will become a mom soon. In order that childbirth took place well, it is necessary to be prepared for them carefully.


1. It is a little about physiology. Pregnancy boughs lasts on average 59-64 days - everything depends on breed, genetics, quantity of puppies in a womb. Some days before childbirth the stomach of a dog ""falls"" down, the animal begins to worry, prepare ""nest"", the refusal of food is possible. One day before childbirth the body temperature of a dog decreases by 1-1.5 degrees. From this point it is necessary to watch future mom as childbirth has to begin within 12-24 hours.

2. It is necessary to equip the maternity place in advance. The box with sides through which mom will be able quietly to step will be suitable for these purposes, and here puppies will not be able to get out. On a bottom of a box it is necessary to lay an oilcloth with a bed-sheet or disposable napkins which are on sale in pharmacies. It is also necessary to prepare a hot-water bottle with warm water, sterile scissors, 5% spirtovy solution of iodine, hand sanitizer, clean rags in advance.

3. Normal childbirth proceeds with the minimum intervention of the owner. To avoid unforeseen situations, attentively read literature on the matter, in advance call the veterinarian, let him know that it could arrive in case of problems. Calm members of household: the situation in the house will be quieter, the will be quieter to your dog.

4. As soon as at a dog fights began, help it to get into a maternity box, talk to her, iron. If the dog gives birth for the first time, then she can strongly be frightened therefore presence of the owner is very important. Fights and attempts can will continue till 2-3 o'clock. At normal childbirth the puppy appears the head or back pads forward. If the puppy appeared in an amniotic bubble, and the dog is lost and does nothing, then it is necessary to break off the clean disinfected hands a cover, a clean rag to exempt a mouth and a nose from slime, to accurately pound a puppy and to put to mother's stomach. The dog has to begin to lick the kid. As a rule, mom herself has a bite an umbilical cord if it does not occur, take sterile scissors and cut off an umbilical cord in 2 cm at small breeds or in 4 cm from a tummy at large. To stop bleeding, you prizhgit the end of an umbilical cord iodine. Change a laying in process of pollution - little puppies have to lie on dry and clean. Intervals between the birth of kids make about 30-40 minutes. If the dog without results makes an effort more than two hours - call the veterinarian!

5. In breaks between the birth of kids it is possible to popoit a dog warm tea with sugar or honey. At an afterbirth exit the dog will try to eat it - it is normal. But you should not allow to eat more than 2-3 pieces, differently then perhaps severe indigestion. Surely count afterbirths - their quantity has to be equal to quantity of puppies.

6. After the end of childbirth it is necessary to track that the laying was dry and all puppies stuck to nipples. At the moment mom's colostrum - the most important for health and the correct formation of immunity. At first do not disturb a dog, do not allow small children to take puppies - in the beginning let the dog will have a rest, will recover and will begin to perform functions of mummy fully.

7. At suspicion on incorrectly course of childbirth, long fights and attempts, bleeding from patrimonial ways, the wrong position of puppies in patrimonial ways - urgently call the veterinarian. In difficult situations only the expert will be able to define weight of a condition of the woman in labor and also will use the best efforts that your dog gave rise to healthy and full-fledged posterity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team