How to disaccustom a dog to growl

How to disaccustom a dog to growl

Dogs live in many houses and apartments now. For many owners their present pets not the first therefore experience already helped them to find a common language with the dog. But some owners who for the first time got to themselves a puppy can face the aggression shown by their pet in the form of very unambiguous growl after a while. It is necessary to warn you against those mistakes which can provoke such behavior of a dog.


1. From the very first days as soon as the puppy appeared in your house or the apartment, you do not treat it as to a toy and demand from it implementation of all rules to which the adult, well-mannered dog has to adhere.

2. Any dog, whether it be a tiny Yorkshire terrier or a slonopodobny mastiff, growing, will make attempt to dominate. It can be prevented, knowing features of behavior of dogs in pack. In it at the leader the special place – he always eats with the first and sleeps on the best place. He always goes forward, and other pack keeps behind him. Only the leader independently makes decisions whether the pack will attack as it will accept the stranger. Besides, only the leader solves, than to him to be engaged. If you do not follow the tastes of the dog and will always behave as the leader, without allowing it to violate rules, stopping all attempts to make decisions independently and to behave as will take in head, then you will have no problems with submission.

3. If you already missed this educational moment and up to four months did not impart to a dog skills of unconditional obedience, then not late to make it and then, but it is necessary to spend much more forces and time. Revise the behavior and become more strict to the pet. Do not miss it forward when you leave to walk and you come downstairs. Try to obtain persistence of implementation of all the commands and encourage with delicacy, express satisfaction from obedience.

4. React to those actions which violate your rights as the leader at once. Show the discontent and send a dog "into place", it is resolute also without rage. On manifestation of aggression and growl strict has to follow at once: "Faugh!" or "It is impossible!" and ignoring of a dog. So she will understand that her wrong behavior became a reason for the communication termination.

5. From the very first days accustom a dog is from your hands. Lower fingers in a plate, you select tidbits (then do not forget to return). In this case she will not growl on you at meal time and later, having become adult. It sometimes happens it is necessary if on walk your pet found some muck or a poison, having selected which in time, you will be able to save his life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team