How to feed a Scottish Fold

How to feed a Scottish Fold

If at your place appeared skotish-fold, you were lucky: it is unlikely among all cat's there will be more devoted friend. Of course, he will give itself to stroke only if wants it, but it – from love of freedom, but not from lack of sympathies in your address. Such cordial relations will last not less than 12-15 years. Certainly, if it is correct to feed a cat, and he will not be ill.

It is required to you

  • - chicken breast;
  • - beef;
  • - germinated cereals;
  • - fermented milk products;
  • - bonus cat's forages.


1. Develop a diet. Skotish-folda from the earliest age it is necessary to accustom to eat strictly in certain hours. Try also not to deviate from this mode. For example, if in working day morning feeding at 8 o'clock, in the same time you have to get up and on the weekend. As for frequency – that veterinarians recommend to feed cats of 3-5 times a day. If there is no such opportunity – buy the automatic feeder and leave day norm of a forage in it. Skotish-fold will very quickly accustom and will use it without problems. Certainly, it is necessary to leave per day only a dry feed. Otherwise cat's food will quickly become useless.

2. Choose a type of a forage. Veterinarians of civilized countries broke many copies concerning what food is better for cats – the forages which are released industrially or homemade food. Advocates of purchased forages refer to their balance. Opponents – on "chemistry" and not naturalness of the ingredients which are a part. Actually, it is important to choose forages correctly. Bonus groups of these goods are made only from meat and fish meal with addition of flour from vegetables and cereals - that is in themselves do not bear any food "crime". It is necessary to remember one fact: all of them are on sale in special shops, and the forages which are present at shelves of supermarkets and hypermarkets, it is better for skotish-folda not to give.

3. Make the correct diet if you are going to feed the cat with homemade food. Remember that representatives of this breed of cat's have large frame and enough muskulist, and therefore need the increased consumption of protein and calcium. And one more important council for those who decided to feed a skotish-fold with homemade food. "House" - not a synonym of expression "food from your table". The cat should prepare separately because many "human" products are undesirable to him. For cats light chicken meat which it is necessary to boil about 10-15 minutes after boiling in water without salt is optimum. If you want to feed a skotish-fold with crude beef or beef liver – they can be used, only previously having frozen, and then having thawed. However, it is better to boil, of course, fresh-killed meat. As a garnish the squash from germinated grain well approaches. The same grain, but with green sprouts and fresh, it is good to give to skotish-folda as vitamin supplement (it helps also a conclusion of the swallowed wool). Time in day of cats it is necessary to feed with fermented milk products – fresh, natural and without fruit or sweet fillers. And here fish and milk should be excluded from their diet completely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team