How to get a domestic rat

How to get a domestic rat

Decorative rats are quite clever and active pets who easily give in to trainings and are even capable to respond to the name. They have the habits, manners and character. Domestic rats can present you a lot of pleasant and cheerful pastime.

It is required to you

  • - cage;
  • - drinking bowl;
  • - shaving of a tree or paper.


1. Before getting a domestic rat, it is necessary to study literature on behavior, biology and development of these animals. This small small animal requires from the owner of care, attention and love, despite the unpretentiousness. Before acquisition of a rat it is necessary to understand that you are actually ready to devote a part of the time for keeping of the pet, on games with it and feeding.

2. Having made sure of the decision, start the choice of future pet. A rat it is the best of all to buy in nursery where she is tamed since the birth that facilitates the owner's tasks. It is possible to buy a rat in pet-shop, but at the same time the probability to face a number of problems is high. The seller cannot guarantee that the animal is completely healthy, examine an animal before purchase. You should be engaged in education independently as domestication does not belong to duties of personnel of shop.

3. That the pet felt in your house comfortably, the correct leaving and contents, care and attention is necessary for it. Conditions of keeping of rats practically do not differ from keeping of other rodents. Get a big and capacious cage for an animal, equip it with short flights of stairs and various toys, the small animal will need also the special shelter for a dream and rest. You do not hold it right in the sun and a draft at all. It is not necessary to create any special climatic conditions, usual temperature in rooms will arrange a rat.

4. As a laying use paper or shaving of trees of deciduous breeds. It is not desirable to apply sawdust as they can get into airways or the pet's eyes, to cause allergic reaction. It is necessary to clean a cage in process of pollution and at emergence of a smell (at least once a week, it is necessary to disinfect a cage once a month for prevention of various diseases). Equip a cage with a special drinking bowl for rodents.

5. The diet of a domestic rat has to be full and various. As an excellent forage serve oats, a millet, wheat and barley. Food has to be always freshen, not comprise harmful products for rats, include necessary minerals, minerals and vitamins. The boiled liver, heart and kidneys serve as good additive to food. Include in a food allowance of the pet cedar and hazelnuts, chicken bones. As delicacy it is possible to offer a rat apples and pears, a citrus, apricots, grapes, peaches, persimmon, cherry, dried fruits, raspberry, strawberry, raisin and plum. The adult individual needs to be fed one - twice a day, an infant rat – two-four times. It is impossible to give to rodents fat and fried products, crude potatoes, the Brussels and red cabbage, chocolate, haricot, artichokes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team