How to get rid of a smell of a polecat

How to get rid of a smell of a polecat

Polecats are the animals possessing a specific smell which many take out with great difficulty. Sharper began to smell males, than females. The radical way allowing to get rid of an unpleasant smell of this pet — a kastrirovaniye. There are also deodorants for polecats who are presented in wide assortment on shelves of zoological shops.

Observance of elementary rules of hygiene — the most effective way of fight against an unpleasant smell. Not obligatory for a polecat to carry out daily water procedures, rather regularly to remove a cage, to change more often a laying in the open-air cage. It is a source of an unpleasant smell as well absorbs them and is long holds. The hammock and other accessories is recommended to be erased periodically with addition of the conditioner. The polecat will luxuriate in an odorous hammock, and the unpleasant smell will pass into nothingness.

Correct care for polecats

Frequent bathings and daily shower will lead only to the increased release of secretion of glands of skin, and the smell will become more intensive. It is necessary to bathe polecats not more often than once in 3 months with use of the special shampoo intended for these animals.

It is necessary to purge trays every day or several times a day. There are special sovochka with openings through which all waste easily is removed. The tray should be washed with soap of times a week. That the smell of a polecat was not so intensive, feeding troughs and drinking bowls should be attached to a wall, but not to leave on a tray floor. They should not be crowded. It is necessary to change weekly hammocks, tunnels and to purge a lodge. At the same time it is necessary to delete all decaying food remains, to rinse sleeping accessories. After washing the hammocks are recommended to be pressed. Ears to an animal clean 1 time in 2 weeks. Carry out prevention of an ear tick and eliminate a smell from a mouth by cleaning with its gauze. Various deodorants for polecats give to an animal pleasant aroma and possess the conditioning action. After their use the hair of an animal becomes soft and brilliant. Constant application of various spirits and deodorants for polecats can cause in them allergic reaction at the expense of their pungent smell. Therefore it is better to leave them for arrival of guests and other solemn occasions.

Healthy nutrition of polecats

To get rid of an unpleasant smell, it is necessary to watch that food of the pet was balanced. The diet of an animal should pay much attention, the smell of a polecat and his health depends on it. The healthy nutrition consists in prevalence of meat natural products — meat of chicken, a mouse, a rat. Feeding is forbidden by the products containing artificial fragrances and other additives. Allocation of an unpleasant smell can provoke a stress therefore the animal needs to be preserved against nervous exhaustion and an overstrain in every possible way.

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