How to give an enema to a cat

How to give an enema to a cat

What to do if your favourite cat cannot descend several days in a toilet? In that case it is necessary to give an enema as soon as possible to the pet as the lock can lead to sad consequences for an animal organism.

It is required to you

  • - enema;
  • - warmish medicinal solution;
  • - vegetable oil.


1. In veterinary practice distinguish several types of enemas. The cleaning enema is an introduction to a liquid colon for compulsory depletion of intestines, the medicinal enema is applied in need of introduction of small doses of medicines, and nutritious give an enema in need of organism food through a rectum.

2. Most often cats are given enemas cleaning at locks and intoxications. First of all you need to prepare weak broth of flowers of a camomile or a calendula. For this purpose make a raw materials teaspoon in a glass of water and let's infuse within 15 minutes. If near at hand there are no herbs, then the enema can be made also usual boiled water. Remember that water in an enema has to be warmish.

3. Take the syringe, place it in the enameled ware with water and boil. After that gather solution in an enema, and oil its nose vegetable.

4. Put a cat in a bathtub or in a basin, at the same time tenderly talking to her. It is desirable that someone helped you as the procedure not from pleasant, and an animal will escape.

5. After that accurately enter an enema nose into back pass and slowly squeeze out liquid. Surely praise an animal and release in order that it could empty intestines.

6. If you give an enema to a cat medicinal or nutritious, then after introduction of solution it is necessary to press the pet's tail to an anus and to take a cat on hands within 10-15 minutes in order that contents of an enema were absorbed in intestines.

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