How to make a lodge for a cat

How to make a lodge for a cat

In the house of a kitten, as well as by the child's birth, it is necessary to prepare for emergence in advance. First, it is necessary to stock up with all accessories, necessary for the kid: a toilet, a bowl for food, a cup for water, a special cat's hairbrush or a brush, a claw sharpener and a set of the most various toys. Secondly, it is necessary to provide to the pet own lodge in which it will be able to hide from people around, to have a rest and quietly to have a sleep. A lodge for a cat it is simple to make with own hands.

It is required to you

  • - sheets of plywood;
  • - plastic pipe, for example, sewer;
  • - material for an upholstery;
  • - self-tapping screws or screws;
  • - rope from natural fibers;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - 8 fixing corners;
  • - foam rubber


1. The most convenient and functional is the lodge for cats which design enter a mink box for a dream, a high column claw sharpener for a lasagna and a shelf for rest, lying on which the cat can freely survey the territory, watch all events around it and feel "at height".

2. Try to use for production of a lodge for a cat only the materials, natural and absolutely safe for an animal, which are not allocating unpleasant smells. Especially it concerns glue. Only organic solvents have to be its part.

3. First of all be engaged in preparation of details from plywood, namely - production of a mink box and the top shelf.

4. Decide on length and width of the shelf. These sizes directly depend on the pet's dimensions. The cat, average by the size, has enough platform size 50kh60sm. Paste over the sheet of plywood prepared for production of the shelf from two parties with foam rubber and fit fabric.

5. Further start production of a mink box. Its size have to be such that your cat could sprawl conveniently in her and stretch freely. Optimum dimensions of a design – 60kh40kh40sm.

6. In one of sheets of plywood cut a round, oval or rectangular opening – an entrance to a lodge. Fasten a floor, a roof and walls of a box with self-tapping screws or screws.

7. From within and outside paste over the turned-out box with the prepared material, for example, a carpet. Paste over, but do not beat, otherwise paper clips or nails can seriously damage claws of your cat. On half the turned-out box lay a rug which can be washed or replaced if necessary.

8. Attach 4 fixing corners to both ends of the plastic pipe prepared for production of a column and connect the turned-out design to a roof of a box mink and "an obozrevatelny tower".

9. The last fabrication stage of a lodge for a cat is a coiling of a plastic pipe a rope. It is necessary to do it as follows. Smear with glue a small section of the pipe and make several rounds. Having waited some time, smear the following site and again make several rounds. And so until all column is not wound with a rope. The lodge for a cat is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team