How to make so that did not suffer from travel sickness a dog in the car

How to make so that did not suffer from travel sickness a dog in the car

When suffers from travel sickness a dog in the car, it can be noticed not only on obvious emetic desires, but also on plentiful salivation, frequent breath, strong concern of an animal. If the dog often licks lips, it is symptom of severe nausea too.


1. Remember that quite often rocks to sleep a dog not so much because of problems with a vestibular mechanism how many because of strong fear. The foreign sounds, vibration of the engine new and not always pleasant smells – all this can frighten an animal, and the stress will lead to the fact that it will quickly rock to sleep. To solve a problem, give every time before a trip to the pet a little his favourite delicacy. It is desirable to undertake at first short trips, it will be besides especially good if someone from owners sits with a dog at this time, to iron and calm her.

2. Try to go as it is possible more accurately and more quietly. Frequent turns, sharp braking, a fast set of speed – all this leads to what begins to rock to sleep a dog. Whenever possible try to choose the flat road. If at an animal the vestibular mechanism is weakened, you should not ride with it on off road terrain – it will only aggravate a problem. By the way, this rule works also for puppies about one year as they are still insufficiently strong physically and hardly postpone trips.

3. Carefully air inside of the car before a travel. During the trip you watch that no additional irritants appeared: you should not use fragrances, to smoke, turn on the loud music, to shout or talk with voices raised.

4. Walk a dog before a trip then you do not feed her at least within 2-3 hours. The exception makes a small amount of special delicacy for training. Of course, at the same time it is important to watch that the animal had an access to fresh water. To facilitate a travel for a dog, you hold car windows slightly opened or turn on the conditioner. Closeness can become the additional cause of nausea.

5. During the long trips do not forget to stop, walk a dog from time to time, to allow it to drink. If the animal strongly is nervous, it is possible to give it soothing. It is desirable to choose means, previously having consulted to the veterinarian.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team