How to make friends a cat and a kitten

How to make friends a cat and a kitten

Sooner or later two cats find a common language and get on with each other. However to wait for that happy day of reconciliation when there passes the jealousy and mistrust, optional. Try to regain control over situation. If the first acquaintance of an adult cat and kitten takes place smoothly, you should not worry constantly for the newly arrived little pet.

It is required to you

  • New bowl for a kitten, a new cat's tray, a toy for an adult cat, a towel


1. You do not hurry to acquaint two pets immediately. Cats will adapt to each other long. If the kitten was just brought, and your cat about similar "treachery" from the hostess or the owner did not suspect, not to pass manifestation of aggression. Quite possibly, the cat will hiss on a kitten, not to give him pass and can even attack on it. Accustom a cat to a thought that in the house there will live one more being, gradually. Allocate the separate room for a kitten and do not let in it your cat. Do not allow them to two to see each other with each other. Direct visual contact will become an additional stress and, perhaps, will lead to a fight. Let will live couple of days in different rooms.

2. Next day after arrival of a kitten let's your cat sniff to it through a door. Then the adult cat will get used to a new smell. In several days trade their two places. Give to a kitten the chance several hours to wander on the apartment, to get used to a surrounding situation. And the adult cat will watch a kitten through a crack under a door at this time and to get used to his look.

3. Mix smells of a cat and kitten. For this purpose take a small towel, humidify it and wrap up in it a kitten. The towel will keep its smell. After that rub them an adult cat.

4. Now it is time to acquaint your pets. Surely let a kitten know that your cat here main. When you feed the pets, at first put food to an adult cat, and then already and to a kitten. You feed them in the neutral territory, it is the best of all in kitchen. Buy for a kitten the separate bowl for water and food, but you feed them nearby (first it is desirable that between them there was any partition). You watch that the kitten did not steal sterns from others bowl. Gradually bring together bowls. Do not forget to buy also one more cat's tray, the cat and a kitten need individual toilets.

5. Draw special attention to an adult cat, present her a toy in the form of a mouse or buy it tasty delicacy. In a word, the cat needs to be "bribed". Not deprived of attention, caress and care, your pet will become more tolerant in relation to a kitten. Over time you will be able to pay to both cats equal attention.

6. Keep in mind that cats can strongly differ with characters. Perhaps, you hope for the true cat's friendship. Unfortunately, it arises not in 100% cases. But at any deal over time the cat and a kitten will begin to get on with each other and will cease to cause to the owner of trouble. And here if at your cat maternal instincts suddenly wake up, to worry to you there is nothing at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team