How to tame to the Karelian

How to tame to the Karelian

Korella is the clever quiet bird perfectly suitable for training. These parrots are quiet on character, easily get on in the big company and can even learn the human speech. However that your communication became pleasant, the korell at first needs to tame.


1. Begin training and domestication of a parrot on the same day when you brought him to yourself home. He will not need big time for adaptation, but it is better to bring a cage to the room in the morning that before dark the bird could get used to the room and sounds.

2. In the first day of communication offer a parrot of food and slightly stroke behind the head. Each bird has an own temper therefore in certain cases the korella can be frightened of you. Be accurate and slow.

3. You give classes in training daily when let out a parrot from a cage. If you are constantly engaged at work or study, ask someone from family members to be engaged in training of a korella. The more you will communicate with it, the quicker she will get used to a human voice and will cease to be afraid.

4. Cut to a parrot feathers. This procedure needs to be made surely, better in veterinary clinic. It without serious consequences, safely and considerably facilitates training because the bird will not be able far to fly away. Also it is not threatened by danger to take off accidentally for a window leaf. Korella with the cut feathers is capable to fly by only two-three meters, and then she will sit down on the earth.

5. Training a parrot, you are with him alone. Strangers and noise will disturb and distract him around. The same person has to be engaged with a bird.

6. During the classes do not frighten a bird by sharp sounds, you do not shout at it, behave as much as possible quietly. It is possible to accustom to hands, accurately taking a korella from below the opened palms. You do not approach your pupil behind, the parrot has to see you not to feel danger.

7. Accustom your favourite to sit down on a finger: slowly bring a finger to a breast of a parrot if he does not wish to sit down on it, break balance, having slightly touched a paunch. Korella, not to fall, will jump on a finger.

8. To avoid stings at first, wind fingers with an adhesive tape or an adhesive plaster. Do not make excessively sharp movements, never beat a parrot. He has to feel that you do not experience to it aggression.

9. After training irrespective of results offer a parrot food and water. The korella tired of classes will be much simpler to be put on a pole and to return to a cage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team