How to teach a dog to go on a lead

How to teach a dog to go on a lead

The ability is correct to go on a lead, without pulling it and keeping at the owner's legs, it is always useful to your dog and will ensure its safety on city streets. It is possible to start training practically at once, before that as you will begin long walks outside the domestic territory.


1. At first accustom a dog to a collar, and then to a lead. In specialized shop buy a made of cloth or leather collar of the suitable size and not a long lead on 2 m. By the size the collar has to be such that fitted a neck of a dog tightly, but did not squeeze it. He should not sit highly, at once at ears that the puppy did not slip out it. The collar should be replaced few times until your pet finally grows up.

2. Put a collar on a dog, usually it passes unnoticed, as a last resort, attempts to pull together it with paws, but if the collar sits densely will be made, then the puppy will not manage it and nothing will remain how to reconcile. Then hook a lead to a collar, let the dog will just run about with it at home. Look after that she did not get confused in a lead. Then you resemble for an animal, having taken the end of a lead in a hand. After that, using delicacy as a bait, let it know in what direction you want to move. Direct it by means of a lead, encouraging with caress. After several such trainings move the classes to the street.

3. Take delicacy for a dog. Be defined from what party it will be more convenient to you to drive a dog, usually it has to go to the right of you. You go to walk there where to you a lot of people will not meet to teach a dog to go nearby, without pulling a lead.

4. Take a lead in a hand, give the command "Nearby", begin advance. In attempt of a dog to run before you or to stop, holding a lead or easy breakthrough, bring a dog to a leg again. When it passes some time nearby, do not forget to encourage it with delicacy. Usually several trainings are enough for dogs completely to master this exercise and to understand that it is required to you and that it is impossible to pull a lead. Gradually increase a distance, regulating it lead length.

5. Teach a dog to move at first around you on a loose lead, in then you go, changing the direction, and encourage it with delicacy if it goes from that party where it is required to you and near you, without pulling a lead. Sometimes you periodically should remind a dog of discipline, straightening out a lead and using team "nearby", but if you are patient and persistent, then you will be able quickly to achieve success.

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