How to teach a kitten to go to a tray?

How to teach a kitten to go to a tray?

The kitten does not go in lotokt very widespread and important subject for all owners of kittens and adult cats. Very often because of it friendship between the person and his favourite falls, and cat's destinies fall. The kittens born in nursery from the 3rd, 4-week age, having only just risen on pads, already stamp in the tray and with great pleasure dig there, and other kittens are even put to bed in a tray. How it turns out that, having moved to the owners to new, the permanent residence, the kitten suddenly begins to be attached on corners to celebrate the needs of nature?

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  • Moving of a kitten to the new house involves sharp change of all environment surrounding it that has very much an adverse effect on health of the kid, bringing it to a stress state. He is elementary scared. The world of a cat is, first of all, the world of smells, and here – everything exchanged, all "a basis of the universe" of a little being. In these conditions the kittens for fear hide to secluded places, refuse food, sometimes even begin to shiver. To get rid of sensation of fear, to surround itself with the world and to secure it, cats begin to develop the territory, mark it as the, using different tags, main of which – to leave a smell of the urine. What can the person make to help a little being with this situation?


1. It is clear, that you very much want to take touching "baby" and to become for him "mom". But think of him, but not of yourself "favourite". Kittens are very tied to the family – to brothers little sisters, to mom who still, most likely, feeds them with the milk. You take away from it "the happy childhood" and never replace to it its world. In 2.5 - 3 months the kittens already mature and begin to reach for the person is the most favorable age for moving. Sometimes say to me: "we took little kittens from the basement and they perfectly felt at us" - yes, but these are kittens from the street, you took away them from the terrible world of hunger, cold, fleas. And, buying a kitten in nursery (in any case – in our nursery), you take away it from the world of love and happiness. Remember that moving for the kid is a big stress which can lead also to addictions and even to a disease.

2. Often future owners do not find it necessary to buy cat litters, preferring to use trays with lattices. But by the nature the any cat likes suit the toilet on something friable and absorbing. Therefore it is better to use, of course, this natural tendency and to fill in a tray for a kitten something, reminding a sand on the structure. Right after that as the kitten will eat, put him in a tray and accurately stroke on a tummy in the direction from a breast. The point is that at kittens the desire to descend in a toilet arises right after meal, and massage of a tum will remind him a cat mom who similarly licked it after a meal stimulating a reflex of depletion of intestines.

3. But if nevertheless the kitten began to write not to a tray in different places, you should not punish him for its reaction to a stress – to splash or stick with a muzzle into a pool. You only aggravate with it a situation and will develop the negative relation to a tray. Wet a tissue in a puddle, carry in a tray, carry there and the kid, put before an odorous napkin, pat him on the back and dig it a pad in filler. It, most likely, should be made not once. If the kitten marks the apartment "popisa" - try to direct purity in the house at once, to remove these tags as soon as possible. And, use for this means which delete a smell fundamental principle, but do not mask it. The unpleasant smell of cat's tags is a result of activity of certain bacteria which emit ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Therefore it is possible to destroy it only influencing bacteria, it is better not to use just chlorocontaining means as bleaching powder will only strengthen an urine smell. The special means which are specially developed for cats now in a large number are on sale in any pet-shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team