How to train animals

How to train animals

It is necessary to train a pet. The favourite pet has to understand that there are things which cannot be done. And only the owner can teach an animal to it.


1. The first skill which the pet needs to impart - a cat, to a dog, a polecat, a rabbit - ability to go to a toilet in the specially allotted place. It is quite simple to teach it, and owners will be forever saved from need to remove small groups from corners.

2. To teach a cub of an animal to go to a tray it is necessary at once as soon as the kid appears in the house. Simplest with cats and rabbits. These are very clean animals who and in the wild nature try to have a toilet in one place.

3. Fill natural filler in a tray and put a cub inside. Take his pad and scratch on filler as though you dig in something. Iron the kid on a hair and you speak with him by a quiet voice. Put a cub in a tray every time after a meal or drink and also always when you notice his concern. In two-three days the kid will go to a tray independently. At first do not change filler often that the smell reminded a cub of where there is his toilet.

4. Puppies and little polecats owing to the vigor and inquisitiveness learn to go to a toilet longer, than cats and rabbits. Therefore it is at first better to lodge them in the open-air cage where there will be a tray with filler or to lie the absorbing bed-sheet. It is necessary to impart skill the same as with cats and rabbits. Every time after a meal to put the kid in a tray. In two-three days it is possible to remove a fence that the cub ran about the room. But do not forget to put him in a tray or on a bed-sheet within a week. There will be enough this time that the kid remembered where his toilet.

5. The cleanliness is the first the owner has to teach that. Then it is possible to be engaged in more difficult training - to learn implementation of various commands. The principles of training are simple - persistence, repetition and encouragement. You speak with an animal firm voice, repeat lessons every day and you praise if at it it turns out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team