How to train the East European sheep-dog

How to train the East European sheep-dog

The East European sheep-dog – one of the most popular breeds of guard dogs. This is the great watchman and the defender and also the partner who can be supported also in families with small children. But those qualities which are initially put in representatives of this breed it is necessary to open and develop by means of education and training.

When and according to what program to begin training

Training and education of a puppy begins since 2-3 months, practically right after he appeared in your house. You have to solve for yourself what type of training is necessary for you. If you are not going to expose a dog, can use less formalized system of teams and to conduct a course of training independently, especially when the corresponding skills are already available for you. In case the dog is planned to be presented at exhibitions, it is better to attend together with her special classes, individual or group on which she will complete a basic course of training under observation of the experienced instructor. Same it will be required if you want your dog to "work" as the defender and the security guard.

How to train the East European sheep-dog independently

When you undertook a role of the trainer, it is necessary to understand at once that, despite congenital intelligence, the dog will seldom understand everything from the first therefore you need tranquility and patience. You also have to understand that neither shouts, nor increase in a voice you will not increase efficiency of perception of teams – at a dog excellent hearing, she anyway will hear you. Therefore the situation on classes has to be business and quiet, in this case from them will derive pleasure and you, and your dog. You should not even say that in such atmosphere in 4-5 months you easily will manage to master a basic course of training.

The first classes should be given in the conditions of the greatest comfort for an animal when distracts nothing it, subsequently they have to take place in any conditions and under any weather conditions. Training time – before feeding when an incentive award – delicacy, is of interest to a puppy and is a good incentive for the correct execution of team. You have to know that the East European sheep-dogs have a congenital tendency to expansion of borders of permitted – they will always check you. Therefore the firm hand and inflexibility in requirements have to be basic elements of education, especially during self-determination when the dog tries to realize the status in pack which for it your family is. Your task is to force it to obey implicitly you, but not because she is afraid but because you are an authority, and it likes to show you the ingenuity and ability to accurately carry out what from it is required. Encouragement and caress – a basis of process of training of dogs of any breed.

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