How to treat dogs for an ear tick

How to treat dogs for an ear tick

Your dog behaves uneasily, she shakes the head from time to time, furiously scratches ears claws of paws, tearing apart skin to scratches. These are the unpleasant phenomena the ear tick who contains several types can cause. Most often Otodectes Cynotis meets, respectively, infection with it is called otodektozy.

It is required to you

  • - Q-tips or tampons;
  • - magnifying glass;
  • - medicine;
  • - anti-inflammatory ointment;
  • - the dogs shampoo containing insecticides.


1. It will be most correct to take away an animal on inclusion in veterinary clinic. The doctor will establish the reason of concern of your pet and will appoint the corresponding treatment. But if for a number of reasons there is no opportunity to visit the veterinarian, then try to cure a dog by own efforts.

2. At first define whether really the tick causes the naggers in ears. For this purpose examine them. If you see the dirty raid from sulfur reminding a coffee thick, then take scrape. A Q-tip or a tampon, it is possible just to reel up vatu on a match, remove a little raid from an auricle of a dog, then consider in a magnifying glass. Existence transparent-gray, tiny, about 0.4 mm in size, parasites testifies to infection of a dog with ear itch.

3. Do not postpone treatment because in the started cases it will be already much more difficult, besides the complication in the form of otitis can begin. On sale there are many medicines, they usually contain an insecticide with addition of auxiliary components, even hormones. Drops are very effective. They differ both with structure, and methods of application. Therefore surely follow the instruction enclosed in packing.

4. In spite of the fact that only one ear can be infected, you enter medicine into both. At first clean them from congestions of dirt and sulfur. Use at the same time different cotton tampons not to transfer pincers from a sore ear to healthy. Dig medicine in a dose, according to the instruction to this medicine. Repeat the following processing, too according to the instruction because some ear drops do not destroy some egg of pincers.

5. If the auricle has the inflamed sites, then apply sulfur-tar ointment, Vilkinson, Konkovo or another. As pincers often creep out on skin, it is recommended to wash up an animal the shampoo containing pyrethrin or other insecticide.

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