How to understand that the parrot got sick

How to understand that the parrot got sick

In time to begin to treat a sick parrot, it is necessary to know about the most widespread types of diseases of these birds and their symptoms. In certain cases it is possible to cure the pet the correct leaving and feeding. In a case with infectious diseases it is necessary to show a bird to the veterinarian.

At any time the pet can get sick. His behavior will change at once, he will refuse food or to peck it reluctantly, in a cage it is possible to notice traces liquid a calla. In this case the parrot needs to be shown to the veterinarian and to try to understand what caused a disease.

About the causes of diseases of parrotsAll diseases of these birds are divided into several main groups: - the birds called by bad maintenance - provoked by an infection - existence of parasites - traumatizing ptitsyv any case external will prompt a type of the pet and his behavior that he is unhealthy. The following can be symptoms of a disease: rapid breathing, glassy look, half-open beak, small appetite, vzjeroshennost of feathers, weak reaction to external irritants, loose stool. Often sick parrot badly keeps on pads, shivers. If couple of symptoms of an illness of a bird are observed at least, she should be put in a separate cage and to bring as soon as possible to veterinary clinic. Most often parrots suffer from obstruction of intestines, avitaminosis and mochekisly diathesis. All these diseases are provoked by improper feeding of a bird. The owner should know that both the shortcoming, and a surplus of vitamins is harmful to his pet. You should not overfeed a parrot with greens. It is impossible to feed him and one type of grain. This bird needs a variety in a diet. Obstruction of intestines most often arises from overfeeding by the food containing a large amount of fats. For treatment it is enough to give to drink a bird several drops of castor oil. After that it is necessary to add small cut fresh greens to a forage. If at the pet the diarrhea, on the contrary, greens cannot be given it, fruit and vegetables should be excluded from a diet too. Rice broth and water with addition of manganese potassium are useful during this period. If the disease is caused by avitaminosis, it is necessary to give to a thicket a bird a boiled yolk and germinated grain. Carrots and cod-liver oil will do good. If near a beak feathery yellowish-gray crusts appeared, so it develops lactic diathesis. In this case the parrot needs a forage with sufficient protein content, vitamins and minerals.

What to do if at a parrot an infectious disease?

These diseases meet infrequently, but recover difficult. Only the veterinarian will be able to make the decision on what will be required for recovery of a bird. Independent treatment can lead to her death. About what at a parrot an infectious disease, it is possible to understand on the appeared allocations from eyes and a beak. The Kcal gets a green shade and becomes fetid, coordination of movements is broken. The bird feels constant thirst.

How to understand that at a bird parasites?

Infection with a bird's tick is shown in emergence of a grayish and whitish raid around a beak, pads and a foul place. In this case the special ointments acquired in veterinary pharmacy will help. Before an initiation of treatment it is necessary to carry out thorough disinfection of a cage and the pet's toys. If it has a biting louse, it becomes noticeable by appearance of a bird: its feathers promptly tarnish and are constantly tousled. The parrot becomes uneasy, often shakes off, he observes a sleep disorder, the appetite is lost. Sprays which are on sale in veterinary pharmacies will help to get rid of this parasite.

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