How to wash an adult cat

How to wash an adult cat

In care for cats brings so not enough pleasure as washing of an animal little. It is good that by nature cats are quite clean, but sometimes washing is necessary. Here it is important to pick up correctly methods and means for washing.

For washing of cats it is necessary to use only such means which are intended for this purpose an animal. The shampoos produced for people have several other ratio of RN and dry skin at a cat. Dogs shampoos may contain substances, harmful and even dangerous to cats.

Choosing shampoo, it is necessary to try that the pet was not irritated by his smell. The rare cat likes to smell of lavender shampoo – after washing she will try to pinch it. It is better even not to try to use a citrus smell.

How to hold a cat during washingTo expiate a cat, it is the best of all to put her in a bathtub or a basin and to take strong by the scruff. Cats so hold the kittens. In eyes the animal can dig castor or mineral oil – it will help to avoid irritation from soap. If the cat adult and at the same time did not get used to bathings, the task becomes complicated a little. The cats accustomed to washing from early age can postpone a procedure as unpleasant, but inevitable – they do not escape during washing, and only express the disapproval, for example, hissing. It is possible to put in capacity for bathing a rubber rug. The cat can stand on it, even to stick claws. Having felt a firm support under paws, the majority of cats cease to escape.

How to wash a cat

Fur of an animal should be moistened with warm water, it is more convenient to use for this purpose a shower, so water does not get to a cat into a muzzle. If shampoo good, it is quickly soaped, even when at a cat wool not strongly became wet. It is very easy to wash away it too. Washing has to be fast, movements of the person – careful. Long bathing is not pleasant to cats. The longer to soap and rinse, the more impatiently they behave. Do not forget to close a room door when you bathe a cat, otherwise she can escape and run away. It is better for it to file claws in advance. Bathing should be made fast and effective – it is remarkable if it is possible to keep within ten minutes. To carry out soaping of wool movements from ears to a tail – especially if antiflea shampoo is used. To wash away, since a back part of a neck. It is necessary to try to wash away foam quicker – the soaped cat slippery, and it becomes inconvenient to hold it. At washing off of soap try not to get water into a muzzle – the animal will be frightened. After soap is washed completely away, the cat is got from a basin, by bathtubs and turn in a big towel. It is necessary to dry a cat more carefully, especially if she long-haired – damp sites of wool can easily undergo infection with a fungus.

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