Keeping of laying hens at the dacha and care for them

Keeping of laying hens at the dacha and care for them

To contain on giving laying hens very favourably: flavoring and nutritious properties of home-made eggs are incomparable with store. Therefore it is necessary to know how to choose a bird what to make the hen house of, than to feed hens as to look after them.

How to choose laying hens?

At the dacha it is the best of all to contain hybrid breeds of hens. Rules of the choice of layers following: the bird has to be active, her crest and earrings – bright red, legs – the expressed yellowish color (if they pale, it is sign of that a bird old). Feathers of chicken have to be clean and brilliant, skintight to a body. If together with layers to buy a rooster, eggs will be "live", that is, it is possible to bring chickens.

How to look after layers?

Care for hens simple, will be able to cope with this task any adult. The first that needs to be made after purchase of layers – to build for them the hen house at the rate of 1 sq.m for 4 birds or to use for it any room, suitable for this purpose. Lay a layer of straw or sawdust not less than 5 cm thick on the floor. In the hen house the perch established at the height of 60 cm from a floor is necessary.

It is important to know that the more hens are in the sun, the higher them a yaytsenoskost. Therefore for walks of a bird it is necessary to fence the site. It is necessary in order that hens did not run on beds. As a fencing the grid a chain-link quite will approach. Near the hen house it is desirable to organize the place for bathing of birds: to fill on the earth of sand or ashes. It is necessary to know that layers cannot be overfed. In the morning they need to give any grain: corn, wheat, barley. It is better if they are shredded. Grain have to make not less than 60% of a diet of a bird. Layers can give food waste, krupyany porridges, boiled potatoes. For increase in a yaytsenoskost add special mixes to forages, for example, Ryabushka. As proteinaceous food cake and cakes will be suitable for hens. Their share in a diet – not less than 15%. Such forage as fish and meat and bone meal differs in special value. Well the boiled or fresh small cut fish raises a yaytsenoskost of layers. The fresh grass is necessary for hens. For this purpose prepare a nettle, a lucerne, a goutweed. As vitamin supplements the bird is given carrots, beet, pumpkin, special ready medicines. For the correct digestion chicken needs small pebbles. The bird swallows them and they help to fray a firm forage with a stomach. Therefore on the site for walking of layers surely there has to be a small gravel. It is important that the bird always had a lot of clear water. Its shortage can affect a yaytsenoskost and it considerably will decrease. In total, on care for layers no more than 30 minutes a day will be required. Besides feeding, it is required to clean the hen house and to pick eggs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team