To what age dogs grow

To what age dogs grow

Dogs, as well as other living beings, after the birth pass a certain period of development during which their skeleton is formed, weight is gained and growth is established. The period of development depends on dog breed, care for it and also on specific features of the specific pet.

Growth of a dog in the first half a yearDevelopment of a dog is divided into several periods on which end she stops the growth and it is considered adult. In the first weather at a puppy of medium-sized breed occurs increase in weight three times whereas growth usually doubles. At an animal growth of tubular bones on which correct development future proportions of a body in many respects depend comes to an end.

In other words, the puppy in the first weather grows up why by 6 months he seems a little thin and silly, and representatives of some breeds, for example sheep-dogs, look also slightly lop-eared. Nevertheless it is one of the most important periods in development of a dog during which the maximum care and the healthy nutrition including not only proteins, but also vitamins has to be provided to a puppy. Otherwise growth of a dog can slow down.

The nutrition of a dog during development has to be good, but not superfluous. Otherwise the puppy can gain the excessive weight because of what the risk of development of diseases of bone tissues and joints will increase.

The program of his education also is of great importance for the correct development of a puppy. Excessive trainings or, on the contrary, an inactive way of life can break development of a bone tissue and lead to injuries or serious diseases of the musculoskeletal device.

Growth of a dog from 6 months to 2.5 yearsAfter half a year the puppies begin to grow more fat, and their growth up a little at the same time slows down. About one year at them flat bones actively grow therefore there is an intensive development of a thorax. The puppy begins to swear and becomes more and more similar to the animal adult.

During the period from the birth about one year the puppies of big breeds increase the weight approximately by 70 times, and representatives of small breeds – by 20 times.

In withers growth of a dog reaches adult indicators by 9-10 months. After a year at puppies, as a rule, development does not come to an end, and slows down a little. Time of final formation of frame in many respects depends on breed of an animal. Small breeds of dog after 1.5-2 years do not grow any more and do not develop, and large dogs can grow to three-year age. Only after this period it is possible to consider a dog finally adult. The important value for development of a dog has also heredity. There are lines of breeds with later or, on the contrary, with earlier formation.

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