What it is impossible to feed dogs with

What it is impossible to feed dogs with

Dog though the friend of the person, but you should not feed her with the favourite dishes. Some products are very dangerous to dogs. They can entail a disease and even death of animals.

All very much love the pets and involuntarily indulge them those products or delicacies which prefer. Sometimes under a plaintive look of the asking eyes can give candy or a stone, knowing that it is harmful. And still each dog breeder is obliged to remember what products can be given restrictedly and what absolutely the animal cannot feed.

Categorically it is impossible to give Sausage. Are very harmful both to the person, and for a dog sausages are sausages, sausages, pastes and sausages of all grades. They contain not only flour, soy, salt, sugar, spices which in itself harmful influence an organism. But the stabilizers, dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers leading to diseases of digestive organs, allergic reactions and some even to cancer tumors are especially dangerous.

Bones. Contrary to the implanted opinion, the bone cannot give to a dog. First, in them there is no advantage, they simply are not acquired, and secondly, bones can be split on sharp parts and injure intestines. Also they strongly grind off teeth.

Yeast dough. Flour products on baker's yeast cause fermentation and release of gases that for an animal can come to an end in a rupture of a stomach or intestines.

Fat. It is impossible to give to a dog fat after frying separately, with other products. It causes diarrhea and pancreatitis. Sweets. As well as at the person, cause obesity, damage of teeth, diabetes. At dogs, besides, eyes which begin to water suffer from sweet. And chocolate as a caffeine source, destructively affects heart and nervous system of dogs. Onions and garlic. Even in small amounts these vegetables strike red blood cells, causing anemia. Have negative effect on a scent of a dog.

Citrus fruit, plums, peaches and persimmon can cause vomiting, impassability of intestines and enteritis in a dog.

It is possible, it is only carefulEggs. Crude eggs slow down absorption of vitamins of group B because of what skin begins to suffer and to drop out actively wool. From crude eggs the pet can get sick with a salmonella. Therefore eggs sometimes, are not more often than once a week, it is possible to give only boiled. Fish. The big use by the pet of fish leads to loss of vitamins of group B, a loss of appetite and spasms. But the dog can give a small amount of boiled fish. Meat. Certainly, crude meat is necessary for a dog. But it is necessary to take it in boiled water 2-3 minutes to avoid a salmonella and colibacillus. And here boiled meat loses all vitamins at heat treatment and becomes less useful, than crude.

The dog by the nature to treat predatory animals, she should not be overfed potato and pasta.

Veterinarians try to develop the most optimum dogs of a forage for an organism calculated on different age and breed. If you feed an animal with a qualitative forage of the checked firm, the dog does not need additional food. And even if you prefer to give the food which is specially cooked by you where in the correct proportion proteins, fats and carbohydrates are combined, and the dog perfectly feels and can brag of dense and brilliant wool, is not obligatory to diversify its diet at all. Be attentive to what is eaten by your canine friend and avoid harmful products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team