What to feed broiler chickens with

What to feed broiler chickens with

As well as all other hybrids, broiler chickens are famous for rapid growth, but not too high resistance to any given infections and diseases. That the broiler grew healthy and well-fed, he needs to be fed correctly: food for such chickens has to be the most balanced.

How to feed broilers in the first days of life?

Still weak chickens already have to eat at full capacity. It is necessary to watch their feeding troughs: they have to be constantly filled with dry feeds. In the first days of appearance of chickens on light they need to give mix from fine-crushed wheat, corn, barley, bran. It is possible to rub on a grater boiled eggs in a proportion 1 egg on 20 chickens. It is important to understand that during this period the broilers need a continuous power.

It is necessary to feed a bird each 3-4 hours, leaving a small break for night rest. Experts advise to lure chickens curdled milk from skim milk and also fresh cottage cheese. In three days it is possible to enter green forages at the rate of 3 g on a chicken into a food allowance of broilers: cabbage, tops of vegetable, beet, young nettle, carrots. The vitamins which are in their structure form immunity of a broiler. These forages are recommended to be given to a fresh bird.

How to feed broilers after two weeks of life?

Later few weeks after the birth of chickens it is necessary to add to their main mix a little some boiled potatoes. Its quantity needs to be increased gradually over time. Since ten-week age, they should give well boiled thoroughly and small cut fish waste at the rate of 5 g on a chicken. Already matured broilers fatten vegetable proteins in the form of the soy or any other cake added to the main mix. Following proportion: 20 g on the head. Any innovations have to be carried out to a food allowance of broilers gradually: at first the bird is accustomed to new food, and already then increase its quantity. Experts advise to lure broilers shredded carrots as it is for them very useful. A proportion – 20 g on a chicken. For good digestion of food broilers it is necessary to add fodder fat to mix. You should not forget also about drinking bowls! It is necessary to watch them: drinking bowls have to be always full as water improves appetite of a chicken and his metabolism.

How to feed broilers before slaughter?

Several weeks prior to slaughter forages which spoil taste and quality of fowl are excluded from a food allowance of broilers. For example, in order to avoid an unpleasant smell of a carcass the broilers do not need to give fish waste and flour any more. It is not necessary to arrange to chickens frequent walks, otherwise the forage will go for restoration of the spent energy, but not for gain of nutritious weight. Several hours prior to slaughter of a bird it is necessary to release her digestive tract. So-called prelethal starvation is for this purpose applied: chickens are not fed in 6-8 hours prior to death. It is better to do it in the afternoon, and to make slaughter at night in well lit room: in this case processes of digestion and cleaning of intestines of a bird will work at full capacity that will allow to improve quality of meat.

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