Who is better: toy terrier or chihuahua?

Who is better: toy terrier or chihuahua?

Toy terriers and chihuahua treat some of the smallest breeds of dog and externally are even a little similar at each other. Of course, each breed has adherents and admirers and to ask owners what of breeds they prefer, just senselessly. But if you only decided to get to yourself a dog, you can make the choice impartially, based on the description of breeds.

Than toy terriers and a chihuahua are similar

And that, and other breed treat decorative, both have the small sizes and quite comfortably feel even in small city apartments. These are dogs partners selflessly devoted to the owner, they very much need constant attention and caress, jealously tracing that someone else did not get this master's attention. Neither toy terriers, nor a chihuahua like to remain alone and very much miss when it occurs. Are easily accustomed to a toilet in house conditions, but at the same time very much like to walk and you should not deprive of them this pleasure.

Externally these breeds are also very similar, both that, and at another has both long-haired, and korotkoshersty representatives. Big eyes and standing ears of triangular shape are characteristic of both breeds. And that, and the shiver is peculiar to other breed, but to that thicket sneezes shiver from nervous overexcitation, and – from cold or when changing a situation.

In what a difference between toy terriers and a chihuahua

Characters at these dogs are not similar at all. The behavior of a toy terrier always a little bit nervous, he does not like to stand still at all, and expresses the emotions jumps and ringing modulating bark. It is real "call" which it is possible to use as signaling of approach of strangers. The mentality at a chihuahua is steadier, this is the quiet, reserved dog who is easily getting on in children whom conceal, probably, owing to the physical fragility not really that favor. React to foreign chihuahuas with reserved interest, and will not oblaivat them during all visit.Externally toy terriers are similar to small olenit, on the high pads with a long neck and prominent eyes. The chihuahua – a dog more compact and stocky, a muzzle at her is shorter, a nose more snub-nosed. Conceal, owing to the building, are more subject to injuries, a fracture of forepaws at na the frequent phenomenon. A chihuahua – one of the most ancient breeds removed in the natural way, but not as a result of selection work and closely related crossing therefore physical health at them stronger, and nervous system – is steadier. The color at toyev does not differ in a big variety – in the standard of breed is recorded them only a little, and here chihuahuas differ in various colors, in one dung them can be a little.

Whom to choose

If you have small children and in the house often there are strangers, the choice of a chihuahua will be more preferable. But, besides, it is necessary to consider that the cost of a puppy of a chihuahua is almost twice more expensive, than a toy terrier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team