Who such American hare

Who such American hare

The American hare – the close relative of the Eurasian white hare. This sort inhabits the territory of Canada and the United States, he can be met almost everywhere: from Alaska to New Mexico.

Who is called the American hare The American hare – the national name of the American white hare (lepus americanus), the mammal family of Zaytsev living in the territory of North America. Resembles the Siberian white hare superficially, but differs in the smaller sizes. It is characteristic that females are usually larger than males. Length of a trunk averages 30-50 cm, from them 7 cm are the share of a tail. Powerful long hinder legs are trimmed dense fur. The hare possesses a gray or reddish-brown color in summertime and changes a skin for snow-white in winter. The molt proceeds within 72 days.

Average life expectancy of the American white hare – 7-9 years.

The American white hares lead settled lifestyle and prefer to lodge in coniferous forests and on plains with a low bush. They also meet in marshlands and on coast of the rivers. Their diet changes depending on conditions of dwelling and season. In the summer they eat mainly a grass, a clover, young sprouts and inflorescences of plants. It is necessary to be content with bark and needles in the winter, and sometimes to eat own excrement.

Way of life Lepus americanus lead a nocturnalism, but in cloudy weather it is possible to come across them and in the afternoon day. They never dig holes and choose natural shelters. In the afternoon they usually sleep or have a rest in thighs or under dead wood.

Reproduction at white hares goes to the period from March to September, during the season the female can bring three-four dung. Cubs are born with wool and open eyes, is a grass begin with ten-day age, however the lactation at a female proceeds during the whole first month of life of leverets.

Females call the leverets when there comes feeding time, and those respond on a call.

The American white hares live alone, only sometimes lodging groups up to 25 individuals on one site. During the marriage period the males become aggressive as fight because of females. Population of these hares is unstable: in other years it can sharply increase, but then decline. The 10-12-year cycle during which the number of white hares reaches peak is traced then either there is a case, or the number of dangerous predators increases, and population sharply decreases. In some states – such as Virginia – the sort lepus americanus is under the threat of disappearance because of local hunters trappers and also poachers.

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