6 most popular jewelry for the bride's hairstyle

6 most popular jewelry for the bride's hairstyle

The hairstyle is important part of image newly married. It not only has to approach face type, but also be combined harmoniously with dress and even wedding bouquet. What can serve as ornament for hairstyle?


  1. FataTraditsionnoe and, perhaps, the most popular ornament for the bride's hairstyle. Length and splendor of veil depends on style of wedding dress. The veil is the only accessory from this list which the girl can dress only in one occasion - marrying.
  2. DiademaIzyskannyy ornament which, however, will approach not all wedding dresses. The diadem surely has to fit into the set image harmoniously. Also the tiara and crown belong to similar jewelry.
  3. TsvetyKlassicheskiy ornament in the bride's hairstyle. It is more preferable to use fresh flowers or expensive artificial which are executed so qualitatively that it is possible to distinguish from the presents them only close.
  4. Vualyetot the accessory adds to image of the bride of certain mystery and coquetry. The veil can be fixed on hoop, brooch or small hat.
  5. ObruchProsta, but accessory quite popular recently. The hoop is universal and will suit the bride both with long, and with short hair. Hoops can be decorated by tapes, flowers, rhinestones or pearls.
  6. Venokochen gentle and lovely accessory which can be made both of artificial, and of lively colors. The main rule of this ornament - flowers from wreath have to be in harmony with bridal bouquet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team