6 ways to avoid growing of hair

6 ways to avoid growing of hair

Even after professional removal of hair it is necessary to become risk the owner of the inflamed grown hairs, and at epilation or depilation the probability of this problem only increases in house conditions. Therefore it is worth adhering to some councils to minimize emergence of the grown hair.


The reasons of growing depend on way of removal of hair. When using of epilator the hair become thinner each time and as a result so weak hair turns out that it is difficult to it to make the way through skin. The razor even if there are no visible cuts, leaves on microtrauma skin because of which the upper layers of the skin become more dense and it is also difficult to hair to sprout through them therefore it continues to grow, but inside. All this causes feeling of itch and provokes inflammatory processes after which on skin there can be hyper pigmented spots.

For those who have means and time solution of the problem of excess hair and their subsequent growing can become laser or electroepilation, but there is exit and for those who choose house option.

1. Way of removal of hair

After shaving of leg become covered by the inflamed heat-spots? It is necessary to pass to epilation. And if the growing hairs are epilation consequence, then it is worth beginning to use the razor. It will allow the become thinner hair to return to normal and have opportunity to burgeon through skin, and skin will receive time for updating and formation soft and elastic, passing through itself even thin hairs again.

2. Regular peeling

And that who has chosen epilation and that who remained it is faithful to the good old razor it is necessary in twelve hours prior to the procedure of removal of hair to do peeling by special structure or usual srub. It is forbidden to carry out epilation and depilation right after peeling because of risk to injure skin.

3. Bast

One week prior to epilation it is recommended to begin to use actively rough bast in the place where it is necessary to depilate. It will also help to remove the keratosic particles and to make skin thinner.

4. Skin steaming

Choosing epilation it will be useful to steam out properly skin before the procedure.

5. Special means

The tube with inscription "after epilation", their great variety will be useful that allows to pick up option for the type of skin.

6. Antiseptics

The most unpleasant consequence of growing of hair — inflammation. It also looks awfully not esthetically and on feelings sometimes just insufferably because of itch. The usual antiseptic agents (miramistin or chlorhexidin) put right after removals of hair will be suitable for its prevention.

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