Advantage and harm of ultrasonic peeling

Advantage and harm of ultrasonic peeling

peeling – the procedure very effective, represents face cleaning by means of ultrasonic waves. It is successfully applied both at oily problem skin, and to the mature skin losing elasticity.

Than ultrasound is useful to skin?

The ultrasonic peeling is also called still face peel by means of ultrasound. It is very sparing procedure for skin in comparison, for example, with chemical or mechanical peelings. Here it is not necessary to destroy the upper layer of the skin by chemical reagents, it is not necessary to squeeze out all unnecessary from epidermis. Ultrasonic waves work very softly, and after such peeling the face looks much better and is fresher, than to it.

After cleaning by ultrasound face skin looks much better, than to it. This main difference of ultrasonic peeling from chemical or mechanical.

The procedure begins with clarification of the person by means of special means, sometimes – the cleaning masks then the special mix acting as the conductor for ultrasonic waves is put on face. During the procedure there is kind of pushing out of the pollution which have accumulated in skin outside, however time after such cleaning drags on very quickly that very much and very conveniently. For example, at lazerniya - cleaning by the laser - long time of time remain open that is mean and dangerous as provokes emergence of inflammations and gnoynichok.

The ultrasonic peeling is also useful to the withering skin, for epidermis it is some kind of deep massage: lympho- and blood circulation after the procedure become active at the expense of what the complexion improves, skin breathes better and in general looks younger and is fresher. The ultrasonic peeling at couperosis is especially relevant, vessels during cleaning process are not damaged at all.

Than and to whom the ultrasonic peeling can do much harm?

There is myth that cleaning by ultrasound has no contraindications at all, but it not so. For example, to people with the hyper sensitive skin inclined to inflammations, the ultrasonic peeling can do a disservice, having aggravated the available problem of acne rash.

Despite the seeming harmlessness of ultrasonic peeling, as well as any beauty equipment procedure, at it has number of serious contraindications among which the main – pregnancy, lactation and supersensitivity of skin.

Pregnant women and the feeding mothers also should not resort to this procedure in pursuit of beauty. The increased arterial blood pressure, exacerbation of herpes, availability be obese electrocardiostimulator, mental disorders and in general any chronic diseases in phase of recurrence are serious reasons to refuse ultrasonic peeling.

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