Advantage of coconut oil for appearance

Advantage of coconut oil for appearance

Coconut oil has come to us from the tropical countries. It can be seen both in kitchen, and in make-up bag, and in first-aid kit. Coconut oil has set of wonderful properties that explains its popularity. Most often coconut oil is used for hair and skin care.

How to apply coconut oil in cosmetology?

In the cosmetic purposes coconut oil can be used almost infinitely. It is possible to get already ready means on its basis or to add it to already available products for body care. Fatty acids which are part of coconut oil carefully look after hair and skin, recovering them beauty and health.

Coconut hair oil

If you have not refined coconut oil which contains the greatest number of useful substances, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to apply it only on hair as on head skin and on roots it can make the irritating impact. If to distribute it on all length of hair, it is possible to achieve amazing effect: to restore the damaged structure, to eliminate the section and fragility, to moisten hair and to give them volume. The refined oil can be applied both on hair, and on head skin. The effect will be noticeable, but time for treatment will leave a little more, than when using of not refined product.

Coconut skin oil

Coconut oil can be used for preparation of masks, it can be added to creams or to use in pure form, greasing skin 2 times a week. Before application it is necessary to be convinced of lack of allergic reactions.

Coconut oil works wonders with skin – saves from acne rash, black dots and pimples, humidifies and eliminates peelings, does to the code gentle and velvety.

Often coconut oil is used for suntan that it has turned out chocolate, but it is impossible to refuse sun-protection means at all, otherwise it is possible not only to burn, but also to provoke development of oncological diseases.

In massage coconut oil is used for improvement of blood circulation and warming up of skin.

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