As from red to become fair-haired

As from red to become fair-haired

Some red-haired beauties sometimes arrive at idea to check in practice whether and the truth "gentlemen prefer blondes"? Unfortunately, in order that blond of to become more red, insufficiently just to choose paint of suitable color. At first it is necessary to bleach hair, and then to receive fair-haired shade, to tint them.

It is required to you

  • - powder for bleaching of hair;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - brush for drawing;
  • - thin polyethylene gloves;
  • - shampoo;
  • - hair-dye;
  • - conditioner.


  1. Buy bleach. It is on sale in specialized shop and can be as in set with hydrogen peroxide, and separately. If you have bought only powder, buy peroxide. You need that which has concentration not less than 20, but no more than 30%.
  2. If you bleach hair for the first time, it is better to do this procedure on single lock in advance to understand whether you should add to paint mikston to remove yellow or reddish shade, undesirable to fair-haired color.
  3. Following proportions on packing, mix bleach with hydrogen peroxide. You dissolve powder with liquid, and not vice versa. Mix has to it will turn out smooth, without lumps and to have dense consistence.
  4. Put on plastic gloves that the structure has not got on hands and did not leave on them unpleasant whitish spots. Put a little fat cream or vaseline through growth of hair that mix has not left and there the marks.
  5. Begin to cause structure in the direction from neck to nape further to forehead. Work quickly, but it is accurate. You do not apply beauty on roots of hair and avoid its hit on head skin. Roots of hair become colourless quicker therefore process them in the last turn. Put on plastic hat and you hold mix on hair so much how many it is stated in the instruction on packing.
  6. Wash up hair with shampoo. You can rinse hair water with small amount of vinegar – it finally neutralizes peroxide. Let's hair dry naturally.
  7. You can paint hair in fair-haired shade necessary to you at once after their drying. Consider that if yours new color has yarkovyrazhenny subtone, one paint of the necessary effect you will not achieve: it will be necessary to apply the mikstoner neutralizing him.
  8. After coloring the hair wash out with the conditioner, but without shampoo as the pigment needs time to get deep into hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team