As hairstyles are called

As hairstyles are called

Female hairstyles can be universal, classical or extravagant. The choice of one of options depends on that, how cardinally the woman decides to change the image. Names of hairstyles will help to decide on the choice before visit of hairdressing salon.

Caret and bean - the most widespread female hairstyles

Short women's hairstyle to the middle of chin which is called caret is quite widespread. Its option is the graduated caret which is carried out with deep tapering. The line of cut of hair becomes under certain corner. The graduated caret vyponyatsya also on short hair, in this case the hairstyle looks more originally.

The short hairstyle with element of asymmetry is called asymmetric caret. At the same time separate locks of hair, for example on the one side of the person are shortened. The caret with lengthening is the simple hairstyle which is carried out by direct scissors. The hairdresser shears hair so that front tips of hairstyle have turned out slightly extended. Such hairstyle will suit the girls having the round or oval shape of the person.

The caret with short nape is hairstyle at which front locks become extended, and nape hair – short. The caret is universal, on its base it is possible to do original hair which can be added with bang or to paint locks of hair in different colors.

The caret was popular already in the early twenties, at that time women carried short hairstyles length to the middle of ear.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the hairstyle under the name bean has appeared. Now it has many options, each of which successfully adjusts the face having round shape. Hair have hair cut around, and in nape the small step is formed.

Popular female hairstyles

The hairstyle under the name piks is very popular. It is similar to men's hairstyle, but thanks to special technology of execution looks fantastically. The hairstyle mallt means the extended locks of hair behind and short locks in front. The hairstyle page has length to the middle of ears, hair form so-called hat, the bang becomes direct and extended. Page most of all is suitable for volume and thick hair. It goes to women with ideally beautiful line of chin and neck.

The hairstyle page can be added with elements of fragmentary fringing, slanting bang or kolorirovaniye of separate locks of hair.

Hairstyle waiter is short hairstyle, with length of locks up to three centimeters. The zone of temples is open, in nape the hair are shortly cut. The hairstyle waiter goes to the women having the ideal form of the person. The universal multistage hairstyle cascade which means division of locks into several steps is suitable for women with fine hair. It gives to hair additional volume.

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