As it is correct to pick up shape of eyebrows

As it is correct to pick up shape of eyebrows

It is impossible to underestimate at all value of eyebrows on which shape depends whether there will be person faded and inconspicuous, or, on the contrary, bright and memorable. Incorrectly picked up shape of eyebrows can make even the most attractive girl if not the plain woman, then, at least – the ninny. How to decide on the form which is ideally suitable for you?

Eyebrows are that part of the face on which the impression of the person in many respects depends. Incorrectly picked up shape of eyebrows can make you in the opinion of people around gloomy unsociable or the haughty person, and eyebrows, suitable to shape of face, will only add appeal. Whether there are some general rules, following which, it is possible to choose for itself ideally suitable shape of eyebrows?

How to pick up shape of eyebrows for face type?

There is universal shape of eyebrows which decorates the person regardless of its oval. These are natural direct eyebrows with easy bend closer to the end. If you are not sure that you can independently pick up the shape of eyebrows suitable you, then stop on this classical option or address the makeup artist.

The girl with round face will suit slightly broken shape of eyebrows too – she will help to make visually the person already. The round shape of eyebrows is what the girl with such face type should avoid in every way.

The wide face will be corrected by eyebrows of triangular shape with highly lifted line of the termination. They will make the person more graceful and gentle. Girls with the person of square shape should do eyebrows longer and to give them a little surprised high bend. Persons of triangular shape look more favourably if to give to eyebrows uniform bend. On face heart so pointed chin will not be evident if to make eyebrows rounded off.

Ideal length and thickness of eyebrows

To decide on length of eyebrows, you need usual pencil. Lean it against nose wing so that it has been imposed on internal corner of eye – so you define point of the beginning of growth of hairs. The pencil directed from nose wing through the center of pupil will help to designate point of most highly lifted site of eyebrows. At last, the pencil connecting wing of nose and external corner of eye will define the place of the termination of eyebrow of length, ideal for you. As for thickness of eyebrows, in this question the main thing is not to go into extremes. Equally unnaturally and comically both eyebrows threads, and "shaggy" eyebrows of big width look. The girl with small "elfin" features will suit thinner and graceful eyebrows, than her girlfriend with larger and expressive features – here the universal rule from which it is necessary to make a start at selection of width of eyebrows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team