How many the 3rd monthly child sleeps

How many the 3rd monthly child sleeps

One of the most important links of a daily routine of the child of three months is the quiet dream. Often to this age at the kid the dream mode is already approximately created that is a reference point for mom correctly to distribute a day regimen of the child.

Dream of the child of three months

Ideally the child has to go to bed in strictly certain time for daytime and night sleep. If the kid has a quiet dream of a certain duration, at the same time he independently falls asleep, so the child has normal health and it has the correct mode.

But each child at the age of three months shows the specific features which concern also a dream. The dream at children has various duration. One kid wake up early in the morning, another can long sleep, and the third can sleep in the afternoon a long time. For this reason it is not recommended to force the kid to sleep if he it does not want or to awake him ahead of time.

There is a generally established norm of a dream for the child of age of three months, it is equal 14 - 17 hours for one day. During the day at the same time the child can sleep several times ranging from one till two o'clock. Night sleep of the child approximately is 10 - 11 hours. Usually this time period begins with 21 - 22 o'clock in the evening up to 6 - 7 o'clock in the morning. Duration of a dream of the child is influenced by a certain number of factors. Physical and psychological state of the child also very much influences a healthy sleep. If the child very active, at the same time feels perfectly, is not ill, but sleeps a little, you should not worry strongly because of it. The factor of identity of the child with existence of any small deviations in the dream mode from the established norms also takes place to be.

Night sleep of the child

In order that the kid quickly fell asleep, in the house it is necessary to create a situation, quiet and favorable for a dream. Besides, very essential condition of a healthy sleep is the freshness of air and existence of a cool indoors. Before going to bed the child it is necessary to air the room without fail well. Temperature, normal for a dream, in the room is 20 – 22oC. It is necessary to put to bed the kid at the same time in the evening, usually it is 21.00 — 21.30. If to make withdrawal for sleeping later, then the child will be tired and whimsical, and process of falling asleep can be dragged out much more. If the kid is active him it is all the same necessary to put to bed, otherwise later it will be much more difficult to be made. Indoors, where the child sleeps, at night it has to be dark, it is not recommended to leave the lamp for the night, it is possible to leave it near the child's bed and to include as required. At night the kid can wake up (to demand feeding, or he is disturbed by mosquitoes or flies), at an exception of all irritants he will fall asleep again and will gradually get used to long night sleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team