As it is correct to shave legs with the machine

As it is correct to shave legs with the machine

The modern girl is obliged to look ideally. Smooth skin - one of signs of perfection. If you prefer to shave legs with the machine, you should consider several important points.

When choosing the machine it is better to stop on women's models. They differ from men's not only in design, but also degree of mobility of head. This feature allows the razor to slide easily on skin without risk it to scratch. The number of edges will not affect quality of shaving, and here the sharpness is key factor of success. Having a shave with the stupid razor, you injure skin.

Except standard machines with edges, the set of models of electrorazors is offered to attention of girls. Some are suitable for shaving of dry skin, and others are intended for damp shaving and are used together with warm water and various cosmetics.

What you should have a shave with, it is better to solve independently. Both machines, and electrorazors possess the merits and demerits.

To make choice between the machine and the electrorazor you can, having only tried two options.

That legs were smooth, the woman needs to have a shave quite often. During this process it is possible to be cut and also to cause emergence of the grown points hairs and irritation of skin. It is very simple to avoid these complications, it is worth following several rules.

Before starting business, take hot shower. Your skin will steam out, hairs will be softened, and time will reveal – the subsequent shaving will take place much easier. That shaving of legs has taken place most effectively, process them srub for skin. This means will allow to peel the obsolete cells of epidermis. So, you will save yourself from penetration of dirt into hair follicles during shaving. Use of special cream, skin or mousse will allow to accelerate and simplify process of shaving. You can apply either female option of gel, or men's. It is pleasant to many girls men's fragrances. During shaving do not press on edge strongly, in the return case you can injure skin. The razor needs to be carried out in the direction of growth of hair – from above below. If you prefer to shave legs against growth of hair, do not carry out by edge in the same place more once.

If after shaving on skin there was irritation, spread problem places with hydrocortisone cream. He effectively removes burning and reddening.

That the edge of the machine did not get littered, wash out it as often as possible. After shaving surely carefully rinse the machine. After completion of shaving residues of foam or cream need to be washed away water, and then it is good to wipe skin. Then apply the moisturizing cream on legs to protect skin from dehydration.

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