As it is correct to sunbathe

As it is correct to sunbathe

That from rest in warm regions not to give disease but only positive impressions, it is necessary to know rules of how it is correct to sunbathe. Intensive sunshine can become the cause of skin diseases and burns.

As it is correct to acquire tan

Negligent attitude to the body and excessive acceptance of solar bathtubs can lead to development of oncological diseases. The sun does not bring advantage but only does harm to the peak of the activity. Tourists and just having a rest on the local beach have to remember it. Level of solar activity the highest from 10 to 16 o'clock in the afternoon. At this time the person in several minutes of stay under the scorching sun can get serious burn. Especially it is dangerous to people with light skin.

It is necessary to overcome the laziness and to go to sunbathe in the morning. This ideal time for the correct and equal suntan. The first few days skin has to get used to solar influence. Therefore it is necessary to sunbathe 15 minutes a day and to gradually increase time till 2 o'clock. It is impossible to bare body in the very first days completely. For a start it is possible to leave t-shirt on body. During bathing in the sea or the river of people can burn too. Drops of water work as magnifying glass and I attract to myself beams of the sun. Therefore it is better to cover at first during swimming back and shoulders. Later couple of days, it is possible to become bare to bathing suit at all and to enjoy fully tender beams of the sun.

The closer you settle down on the beach to water, the quicker you will sunbathe as water reflects light. The same principle works if after bathing of people it is not rubbed off by towel. In the first days of stay on the beach it is better to take place far away from edge of water and to be wiped dry by towel. Of course, many of these rules will seem strange and inappropriate when the person from it is far went to the sea to be bought and receive much due bronze tan. But precautionary measures will not prevent if there is no wish to treat all holiday burns and rash on body.

Necessary attributes on the beach

It is impossible to forget about sunblock creams for body and face. They will help to avoid burns, will promote the correct suntan and will keep integrity of integuments. In the first days of beach vacation it is better to use cream with high degree of protection. You should not forget about headdress which will save from sunstroke and will preserve hair. They spoil from solar influence too. Important attribute on the beach are sunglasses. The woman has to remember that on the beach it is not necessary to use decorative cosmetics. It is possible to moisten lips with hygienic lipstick only from time to time. If the person has problems with skin: rash, wound, large number of birthmarks, to it are better not to sunbathe at all. It is better to remain with pale skin, than to get skin cancer.

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