As it is correct to wash the head: 5 main rules

As it is correct to wash the head: 5 main rules

Washing of hair - seemingly ordinary and habitual procedure. But, making it, many often make ridiculous mistakes. How to wash the head it is correct?

We do not allow dirt

There was very much popular belief earlier that the head should be washed as seldom as possible, is not more often than once a week. It is already difficult to understand what such installation was based on, but many tried to follow it. Though last century the scientists have found out, as hair, and head skin suffer from dirt and abundance of fat more, than from frequent washing. Allocations of sebaceous glands, the dust and dirt which have accumulated at roots of hair - fine nutrient medium for various pathogenic organisms which number provokes formation of dandruff and also negatively affects health of bulbs. Besides, both skin, and the hair covered with grease film are deprived of oxygen access that too affects their state not in the best way.

Therefore if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, remember: it is necessary to wash the head in process of pollution of skin and, of course, hair.

We choose as individual shampoo

Selecting shampoo, it is necessary to be guided by properties of your hair. There is no lack of shampoos for every taste and purse today. Of course, there are universal shampoos "for all types of hair", but pick up the, under the type better. The fact is that, for example, for fat and for dry hair essentially different means are necessary. Oily hair shampoo contains the substances drying skin that badly affects dry hair. And so on. Select shampoo, proceeding from what hair at you - dry, fat or normal.

We choose water temperature

One more quite popular belief is that the head needs to be washed with very hot water. It is incorrect.

The fact is that high temperature promotes activization of work of sebaceous glands and leaches hair from what they become fragile and fragile. Optimum temperature for washing of hair - 35-45 degrees, and oily hair is better to wash with water of lower temperature, dry - higher. It is desirable to rinse anyway with cool water.

We apply shampoo correctly

One more very much mistake is to apply liquid shampoos directly on hair. In this case on the certain site of skin, very concentrated shampoo, and on others - too diluted gets. Uneven impact on skin is very undesirable therefore at first it is necessary to pour shampoo in palm, to make foam it and only then to apply on hair. By the way, it is so easier to control amount of shampoo.

ATTENTION! It is necessary to apply shampoo on hair gently, finger-tips, slightly massing at the same time skin. Massage movements need to be done at first from ear to ear, then to pass to nape and in conclusion - to front part of the head. It is better to carry out movements wavy clockwise.

We do not forget about balm

It is necessary to use after washing balm or conditioner for several reasons. But main - these means provide ease of combing of hair. There is it because both balm, and conditioner smooth upper layer of hair, do it silky and do not allow to sputyvatsya. Also they return the pH level of hair to norm that is necessary after influence of the alkaline environment of shampoo, and add them healthy gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team