How to lure children

How to lure children

For good nutrition of the baby which was just born, rather maternal milk. But together with development of the kid time when it is necessary to diversify the kids menu with new food comes.


1. If the kid is on chest feeding, do not hurry with a feeding up approximately to 6 months. If the baby drinks mix, then acquaintance to new products can be begun earlier – approximately in 5 months. It is caused by the fact that digestive tract of the baby at such age is already prepared for acceptance of other food. Before introduction of a feeding up consult with the pediatrician what to give first of all to your kid. The doctor will make recommendations, considering the weight of the child, feature of a children's stomach, the level of development of the baby, tendency to an allergy.

2. Attentively choose products, new to the kid, not to cause an indigestion and not to overload a children's organism. Begin introduction of a feeding up about 0.5 teaspoons a day.

3. If yours the baby has small body weight, then the feeding up is recommended to be begun with nonmilk porridges. Choose rice, buckwheat or corn – they do not contain gluten most of which of children acquires hardly. Offer porridge for dinner. Because it slowly is digested, the child long will be full and will sleep peacefully till the morning.

4. Choose hypoallergenic vegetable or fruit purees if the baby surely grows fat. From fruit stop the choice on green apples. They will help to cope with locks and also are rich with iron. Give fruit and vegetable purees to the baby in the morning. If the kid has an allergic reaction, then in the evening you will see it. From vegetables, first of all, give preference to a squash. It has not too expressed taste therefore it will be easier for baby to accept it.

5. If the child has a good health, he eats with pleasure and it is not hurt by a stomach - means, you do everything correctly. Gradually increase a portion of new food. The kid will get used to a variety of food. Approximately in 1.5-2 weeks replace one feeding with a new dish. After that begin to enter the following product. So the baby will be gradually will learn and enjoy new tastes of food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team