As it is the best of all to get rid of cellulitis

As it is the best of all to get rid of cellulitis

Orange-peel or cellulitis – eternal women's issue. From the scientific point of view it represents the hypodermic changed to condition of balls and small knots as a result of violation of blood supply of fat cages.


1. Appearance of cellulitis is not only signal of couple of extra kilos on body which need to be removed for achievement of beauty and appeal. It can be also violation of work of organism, for example, hormonal failure or large amount of the synthetic substances which have arrived together with food. Therefore for fight against orange crust it is necessary to change way of life, first of all.

2. Eat properly. Your food has to be balanced and useful. Enter as much as possible fresh vegetables and fruit, the boiled, steam and baked dishes into the diet. Refuse fast food, semi-finished products and any other food filled with dyes and preservatives. Try not to take some carbonated and alcoholic drinks. As soon as your organism is cleaned from slags and hazardous substances, also the condition of skin will improve.

3. Lead active lifestyle. Try to go more on foot, forget about elevators, be engaged in the run or any other sport allowing to lose the excess weight and to strengthen organism. Without having opportunity to visit gym, carry out houses standard set of exercises directed to growth of muscle bulk. For example, squats, twisting of trunk or jumps through jump rope. Having removed extra kilos and having strengthened muscles, you will get rid of that layer where the orange-peel is formed.

4. Do massage. Leaving bathtub, warm up skin on problem sites by means of special anti-cellulite brush or mitten. It is good to apply at the same time means to fight against orange-peel on the basis of caffeine or seaweed. Thanks to massage you will strengthen inflow of blood to skin, and caffeine will promote splitting of fat cages.

5. If means allow, undergo special anti-cellulite procedures in beauty shop. Now there many programs for improvement of elasticity of skin are provided. But at the same time do not forget about sport and healthy nutrition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team