As medical representatives work

As medical representatives work

Now almost all pharmaceutical companies for promotion of the products employ medical representatives. Unfortunately, not all candidates are familiar with features of this work and even have absolutely wrong ideas.


  1. In many policlinics it is possible to meet quite typical picture: line of patients who peacefully expect the fate, and the person who enters office of the doctor, passing all. Now patients already I know that the medical representative of some company was ahead of them. Therefore to this profession the patients have very big negative.
  2. The medical representative the practicing doctors, graduates of pharmaceutical and medical schools dream to get a job. All of them are attracted by good compensation, availability of bonuses following the results of sovy work, possibility of receiving the corporate car and VHI on itself, and sometimes and on family members. Unfortunately, not all understand how medical representatives work and as far as they have intense schedule.
  3. Visit of doctors of certain category and drugstores for the purpose of advance of medicines of the firm is the cornerstone of work of the medical representative. During the visit to the expert medical pre has to reveal correctly requirements, and on their basis to prove that its medicine is the best. Considering that the pharmaceutical market constantly is replenished all with new medicines which in most cases differ only in the price and the producer, to the medical representative becomes it harder and harder to work.
  4. Recently there was law which has forbidden visit of doctors in working hours by representatives of all pharmaceutical companies. In this regard it is possible to call work of medpred partly illegal activity. Of course, doctors accept them, but in reply can frankly elicit various office, paper, dressing gowns and other gifts. Not to lose certain expert from base, the medical representative is forced to buy required objects for the means.
  5. Except visiting activity, the medical representative has to provide daily to the management reports in the established form. In some companies it is so laborious work that it can drag on till the night. From here and irregular working hours of the representative. The organization of training for druggists, round tables for doctors, participation in city conferences belongs to duties of the worker. Often, all this occurs on the weekend.
  6. Of course, work of the medical representative is well paid, but in this market very big competition, and the companies can treats the workers as to expendable material, to fire without prevention, to reduce the staff, not to pay maternity leave and other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team