As on marigold to draw small pieces of ice

As on marigold to draw small pieces of ice

Relevant winter design - unusual beauty of small piece of ice. They look on nails as the presents, bewitch and attract all eyes.

It is required to you

  • - nail buffer
  • - primer
  • - base
  • - opaque top
  • - glossy top
  • - gel polish of blue color
  • - gel polish of white color
  • - foil for design ""beaten glass""
  • - white gel-paint without sticky layer
  • - velvet sand of white color or acrylic powder
  • - thin brush
  • - sponge for putting foundation, or flat brush
  • - klinser or other liquid for removal of stickiness
  • - rigid brush
  • The sample is shown on tipsa, but the description is given as this design becomes on nail.


1. Standardly we prepare nail. We remove gloss nail buffer, we process primer. We cover with base - we dry in lamp. Further we put two layers of blue gel polish, we dry both in lamp.

2. We take foil ""beaten glass"", we cut off pieces of different form and the size. We spread them on sticky layer of color gel polish. From above we cover with glossy top and we dry in lamp. We remove sticky layer and if on the surface of nail from foil there were roughnesses and roughnesses, slightly we grind nail buffer, and we put the second layer of top. We dry in lamp. We remove sticky layer.

3. Further we take triangular foundation sponge, or flat brush, we apply on it white gel polish and we do by the easy patting movements on edge of all nail inking. It gives winter zasnezhennost to nail. We dry in lamp. If necessary it is possible to make the second layer of inking.

4. We cover nail with opaque top and we dry in lamp. We remove sticky layer if it is. The foil has got mysterious blinking under opaque top.

5. We circle foil white gel-paint, allocating thus future small pieces of ice, we do not dry.

6. We powder lines of inking with white velvet sand, or acrylic powder, we dry in lamp. Small pieces of ice are ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team