How to struggle with perspiration of armpits

How to struggle with perspiration of armpits

On human body there are many sweat glands. The main zones are armpits, palm and foot. It is remarkable that at some people sweat in some zones is emitted especially intensively. Therefore topical issue how to struggle with perspiration of armpits.

Effectively to struggle with the increased perspiration of armpits, for a start it is necessary to learn why the person has tendency to strong sweating.

  • During heat the organism is released from sweat, the integument surface thereby is cooled that interferes with heatstroke.
  • Also physical activities — the human body is strongly warmed therefore its temperature needs to be lowered.
  • Stressful situations promote strong sweating as at this moment of people it is scared or excessively worries.
  • During diseases if they are connected with tumors, infections, failures of nervous system, diseases of kidneys, liver and heart.

Many girls still the unpleasant smell forces to struggle with perspiration of armpits. From where does it undertake, sweat has no smell? It should be noted that sweat consists of 90% from water. It very slowly evaporates from human body. With it microelements and salts are allocated, and as is well-known it is the ideal environment for reproduction of bacteria and fungi — they are responsible for unpleasant smell.

To get rid of sweat armpits, it is possible to address the checked ways.

  • Deodorant or antipersprirant. Its main advantage — he fights against bacteria which live armpits. It is remarkable that the deodorant does not save the person from sweat, and only eliminates undesirable smell. The antiperspirant is better than deodorant as regulates condition of sweat glands at the expense of it release of sweat is reduced to 40%. But it is not recommended to be fond of application of antiperspirants as with sweating often there are both toxins and slags and also body temperature is normalized.
  • Folk remedies. Sometimes the problem leaves from under control, but you do not want to resort to radical measures — to resort to medicamentous medicines, in this case folk remedies come to the rescue. The camomile helps to eliminate plentiful release of sweat. Camomile infusion normalizes work of sweat glands at regular application. The recipe rather simple, includes: 5 spoons of the dry camomile bought in drugstore need to be filled in with two liters of boiled water. It is necessary to infuse broth one hour, after that add two teaspoons of soda to it. It is necessary to wipe armpits not less than five times a day.
  • Teymurov's paste. For fight with then is excellent means which helps to reduce sweating considerably. It is necessary to apply with thin layer 2 times a day on pure leather of armpits. The term of application is up to 14 days. Preliminary consultation is required from the doctor.

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