As the rectifier to twist hair

As the rectifier to twist hair

Have got used to apply various hair curlers and curling irons to hairdressing of the woman, but it can quite be made also by means of the iron rectifier. Of course, the phrase twist hair the rectifier sounds more than strange and ridiculously. And to receive wonderful curls, using this device, actually perhaps. Also the patience droplet will be required only a little free time.

It is required to you

  • - iron rectifier;
  • - thermoprotectant;
  • - special clips for hair or hair claws;
  • - foam or wax for laying;
  • - hairspray of strong or average fixing.


  1. The procedure of wave the rectifier is simple and available to any woman and the girl. Even that which has no skills in hairdresser's art.
  2. Apply the special thermoprotectant on all length of hair. Various plant extracts and nutritious medicines are its part. To pick up the means suitable your hair, address the specialist trichologist.
  3. Divide hair into small locks. Leave one, and fix the others by special clips or hair claws. Further recede 12-15 mm from roots of hair and clamp the first lock between iron plates, only not too strongly. Then wind its free part around the rectifier (curls to turn out magnificent and volume) or around its lower plate (curls will be more frequent). The main thing - take care of that hair stuck out outside from the head.
  4. Accurately pull the iron rectifier down, holding free hand the ends of hair. The more slowly there will be your movements, the curl will turn out more abruptly. And if you begin to move more intensively, the curl will be gentle and smooth.
  5. Process necessary part of hairstyle or all hair on locks. Keep in mind: can happen so that the lock will not twirl in curl. Then wait some time and when hair completely cool down, again repeat the procedure.
  6. Fix curls. For this purpose apply on them a little foam or wax for laying. Do it by hands without use of hairbrush, otherwise you injure curls.
  7. Apply hairspray on ready hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team