Bodiflex: useful exercises for facial muscles

Bodiflex: useful exercises for facial muscles

The author of the respiratory gymnast bodiflex – American Greer Childress. She not only has developed complex which helps to bring figure into tone, but also has created face exercises. Greer called this kind of bodiflex feysflex. She claims that regular work on face muscles will allow to keep attractive appearance for a long time.

Huge plus of bodeflex for the person is that the complex includes only two exercises. Therefore special difficulties during the trainings do not arise and time is spent a little that very important for busy women. The based work during performance of complex is the share of neck and face muscles. These exercises are recommended to be done to ladies of any age, but the before them to begin, the result will be better further.

The elasticity of skin directly depends on that how many oxygen comes to blood. Therefore, doing exercises of respiratory gymnastics of the house, it is possible to solve saturation problem oxygen as basis of occupations bodifleksy is deep breath.

The correct breath needs to study. For this purpose it is necessary to rise, legs are slightly placed, hands along trunk. To exhale, to deeply inhale, make exhalation through mouth, as much as possible to pull in stomach. Then to hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, to exhale. During the delay time of breath it is necessary to massage face. For this purpose there are active points, the main influence has to fall on them. Such points are located slightly above eyebrows and between them and also on forehead, in the lower part of chin. It is necessary to press on these zones fingertips slightly, but it is notable. After such massage it is possible to start bodiflex for the person. It is necessary to carry out two exercises: "Ugly grimace" and "Lion".

Exercises bodiflex for the person are recommended to be done at least once in 7 days.

The first exercise which is called "Lion" is directed to improvement of appearance of neck, reduction of cheeks and rejuvenation of skin. Starting position – legs are placed on width of shoulders and bent in knees, the body is slightly inclined forward, palms rest against legs, the back is rounded. It is better to be located in front of the mirror to watch correctness of performance of complex. Now it is necessary to do the breathing exercise described above, and on delay of breath to execute gymnastics for the person. For this purpose it is necessary to put out tongue, to squeeze it lips and tip to reach for chin. At this time to raise eyes up, lower eyelids aim at ceiling too. It will help muscles to be tightened under eyes. In such pose it is necessary to be recorded, and without breath. To stay so much, as much as possible, to repeat 5 times.

Regular trainings bodifleksy for the person and the correct skin care, will allow to keep the blossoming appearance for many years.

For performance of the second exercise it is necessary to accept starting position – legs are placed on width of shoulders and bent in knees, the body is slightly inclined forward, palms rest against legs, buttocks are taken away back. Now to do breathing exercise. On delay of breath to pull in stomach and to become straight. To take away hands back, shoulders to last down. To raise the head up and chin to aim at ceiling. To put lips tubule and to do the movement as if you are going to kiss the sky. In such pose muscles of neck and cheeks will strain. When performing to watch that shoulders did not rise up, and the head, on the contrary, aimed at ceiling. To repeat exercise 5 times with breath delay into 8 accounts. At the correct and regular performance of exercise "The ugly grimace" will turn out to return to cervical muscles tone and also to get rid of the second chin. Especially it is relevant for people with excess weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team