By what signs do determine constitution type?

By what signs do determine constitution type?

The constitution is given to the woman once and for the rest of life at the birth. With age the figure can change, but only due to increase in fatty tissue in certain places. The type of constitution decides by comparison of ratios more faithful to part of trunk, waist and hips on legs.

All female forms can be divided into four views. Two of them have compared to tasty fruit, and not for nothing. In each of types of addition there are "tasty places", the highlights allowing their owners to attract male partners. Women, whose forms are called by Yabloko, have breast of averages or the attractive big sizes. Their beautiful magnificent shoulders are combined with roundish tummy and narrow hips.

And softly expressed waist is counterbalanced with beautiful hands and harmonious legs. "Apple" in upper part of trunk gains kilograms that allows the owner to wear long short skirts and long cuts in the lower part of dresses.

At such type of addition it is recommended to wear short tunics with the fitting trousers, jeans with with free sweater and the dresses which are slightly opening beautiful breast and shoulders.

Types of constitution are subdivided also into asthenic, normosthenic and hypersthenic.

For keeping fit the women with figure like Yabloko need to do constantly gymnastics as they easily gain kilograms and difficult leave them. The second juicy fruit which was compared to female figure it is pear. The constitution of such women differs in narrow shoulders, small breast and magnificent hips. "Pears" have flat stomach and the expressed waist which contrasts with hips. Women with such figure get fat mainly in the lower part therefore they need to wear long flared skirts and wide belts on beautiful waist. Also giving of volume more faithful to part of ensemble will help to emphasize advantages of such figure: to blouses and sweaters with elegant cut "boat". The female figure like "hourglasses" with the slender waist, harmonious legs and harmonious breast and shoulders equal on volume to hips, attracts men most of all. The happy owner of such forms can carry everything that is pleasant to her. These women evenly gain weight, and the pleasant completeness only adds it charm. They grow thin also quickly, as well as recover therefore the majority of models have such type of addition. The sports, brought-up ladies with uniform forms and not expressed waist possess figure like "column". Flat buttocks at them are combined with harmonious legs and small breast. And hips and shoulders have identical width.

Constitution can have the mixed signs, and such types of figures are subdivided into separate types.

Hips of such women long remain harmonious while upper part of trunk gains weight. From clothes recommend them the things giving volume to hips and breast, and the waist can be emphasized with belt or belt. "Columns" well build up muscle bulk, willingly play sports and light on the feet. What type of constitution the woman would not possess, the nature has given charm and femininity to her. The correct selection of clothes will help to emphasize it, it will allow the woman with any figure skillfully to hide shortcomings and it is favorable to emphasize advantages. And the feeling that you are unique will introduce set of interesting meetings and fascinating events in your life. Men most of all appreciate in the woman optimism, quiet character and the natural prettiness peculiar to everyone, without any exception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team