Californian highlighting

Californian highlighting

The Californian highlighting is special technology of coloring of hair at which smooth transition of color from dark (at roots), to light is created (on tips).

Technology of coloring

The Californian highlighting is new type of coloring of hair. To achieve the necessary effect, the master selects several shades of one color, applying them on curls with wide horizontal strips. At roots the hair are darkened artificially or natural color if it chestnut-colored, chestnut or black is left. Than more shades are used by the master during creation of the Californian highlighting, especially effective it will be.

The Californian highlighting most often becomes without the aid of foil. It is not used consciously that shades mixed up on joints, creating smooth transition. Besides, in the open air colors turn out more indistinct, coloring looks very naturally.

The Californian highlighting does hair very volume and stylish. It can be done both on long, and on average hair. On too short curls the highlighting looks not so effectively.

One of types of the Californian highlighting which has received huge popularity recently - coloring to "ombra". Carrying out it, the master creates sharper transition from dark color to light. Such effect helps to do hair of visually more magnificent, to emphasize color of eyes, etc.

Californian highlighting of the house. What needs to be known

The Californian highlighting - rather difficult coloring in which it is necessary to know the principles of configuration of flowers. If you have decided to make his houses, you need at least four shades of paint. For example, from chestnut-colored to light brown, with intermediate tones. Pay attention that color have to be in one scale - cold or warm. Otherwise smooth transition will not turn out. Putting paint begins with the most dark shade. How many there has to be width strip - to solve to you. Usually dark part of the Californian highlighting quite narrow, primary color - light.

If houses cool, after coloring put on thin cellophane hat the head. The painting structure begins to act at temperature not less than 22 wasps.

Accurately apply dark paint on roots of hair. Then make strip of lighter paint. And so to tips. You hold paint on hair so much how many it is necessary for rendering influence to the last structure. Remember that if hair very dark, they will be able to become at most two shades lighter. If you want to be blonde - it is necessary to carry out the procedure of decolorization of curls in advance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team