Chanel Allure home sport: style and nature of aroma

Chanel Allure home sport: style and nature of aroma

The aroma of Chanel Allure Homme Sport (Chanel Allur Hom Sport) – has provided Jacques Polges in 2004. In comparison with earlier Allure Homme of 1999 this perfume more sensual and vigorous.

Aroma composition

Allure Homme Sport Chanel is men's fragrance of group spicy wood. Upper notes: aldehydes, orange, red tangerine and sea notes; heart notes: pepper, not roles and white cedar; notes of base: it is thin beans, ambergris, vanilla, vetiver, white musk and elemi.

The aroma is created for the real men who are adjusted on victory not only in sport. It is style without borders, smell of the energy. The spicy and musky composition creates sexual aura around the men who have chosen for themselves Allure Homme Sport Chanel. Their unrestrained temper is shown in everything – in love and in sport.

Energy of victory for real men

This aroma will surely attract with the elegance, first of all, extraordinary men who breathe full breast, enjoying every minute of this wonderful life. Strong and sensual, they are aimed at victory, trying to get on well at daily race if not all, then a lot of things. Allure Homme Sport from Chanel will emphasize vigor of the man at any age. It is precisely possible to tell one – the true male character and will to victories in any area do not know age brackets. The aroma placed in strict silvery bottle with the cover of black color decorated with steel ring only emphasizes with the reserved design what storm of emotions is inside. The inscription is executed in black color with impregnation of red. Allure Homme Sport is the embodiment of the invigorating freshness, sincere sensuality. It is associated with the sea, the sun, warm gusty wind calling forward to new victories. The author of this tremendous composition inspired by subject of sport, who was successfully combining it with luxury and elegance has created faultless men's fragrance for the real men aiming at new opening. Following in the imaginations wakening this exciting smell thin notes of composition, it is simple to provide boundless elements, desire to victory which are tested by the man who has chosen for himself Allure Homme Sport from Chanel. Four sides of perfumery masterpiece as sides of male character: freshness, sensuality, seducement of wood note and mystery of spicy. From the very beginning the fresh side which is shown most brightly draws out. The open and natural man – here for whom has created the aroma the perfumery house of Chanel. Right at the beginning the aroma gives water notes and aldehydes after which the wood smell in east style is felt. It could be too persuasive if not cool shade of vetiver which does it it is unique lung. Sensual white musk in basis on an equal basis with beans it is thin and ambergris will not leave indifferent to such man any woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team